The Best Power Inverter for your Xbox One

If you need the best converter for your Xbox One, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re a gamer who likes to take your A-game with you anywhere, anytime, make sure your Xbox is ready to play whether it’s at home or on the go.

But not all power converters are created equal, especially when it comes to your delicate game console. You can’t just use an old inverter to play games on the go.

Today we’ll learn everything there is to know to find the perfect converter for your Xbox One, and we’ll also recommend some of the best converters on the market today.


Why Do We Need A Power Inverter for the Xbox One?

To use your Xbox One on the road or during a camping trip, your car, SUV, RV, caravan or boat has a power source to which you can connect the console. However, the energy we get from these sources is weaker and much less stable than the energy source we get at home. The inverter uses the power generated by these sources and stabilizes it so that sensitive electrical devices like the Xbox One can run smoothly without the risk of electrical damage.

However, an old current converter is not enough. The Xbox One must meet specific power requirements to use unconventional power sources, such as car batteries or generators. The best power converter for Xbox One ensures that all power specifications are met, including provisions for power surges and a steady flow of electricity, so you can keep playing on the go.

What are the Required Specifications of a Power Inverter to Run the Xbox One Efficiently?

According to a report from NRDC, the Xbox One consumes 112 watts of power during gaming, 72 watts during video streaming, 72 watts during menu navigation and 15.7 watts per hour when idle. The Xbox One details are; Input: 100V-127V ~ 4.91A, 50/60Hz, Output: 12V/17.9A, 5Vsb/1.0A. These specifications should be the most important basis when looking for an inverter.

What are the Things to Consider When Looking for a Power Inverter for the Xbox One?
  • Determining the Minimum Wattage Requirements of the Xbox One and Other Gadgets

Each electrical element has its own power requirement to function properly. If you plan to use the inverter for other electrical devices with your Xbox One and monitor, you’ll need to determine the power requirements of each device.

Then you add these together to determine how many watts your inverter should work without interference. Let’s say, apart from the Xbox One and your Smart TV monitor, you plan on plugging in the fridge, lights and heating and it would run up to a maximum of 500W while turning on at the same time. The inverter you need must be at least 1000 W so that it can cover the power requirements of all connected devices.

Allotting Extra Wattage as a Buffer for the Xbox One and Other Gadgets

Once the potential wattage of all the devices you use besides the Xbox One is recognized, it’s important to build in extra buffer or leeway for unexpected power surges. The usual recommendation should be at least 20% extra power in the inverter, but just to be safe you can make it 50% of the total estimated power.

For example, your Xbox One uses 112 watts while playing. Your monitor would also use about 50 watts and another 20 watts for a charger. In total it will be 178 watts. A 500 watt inverter would be quite a bit to cover the total wattage plus the buffer.

Choosing Between Modified Sine Wave or Pure Sine Wave for the Xbox One

There are two types of inverters, the modified sine wave inverter and the pure sine wave inverter. While the Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter can power most small devices without any problem, sensitive electronic equipment, such as the Xbox One, is at risk of damage due to its unstable output power.

It is highly recommended that the Xbox One runs through a pure sine wave inverter. The pure sine wave provides a stable and smooth power supply, much like the power supply in a household utility line, allowing these devices to function properly and without risk of electrical damage.

Reviews of our Favorite Power Inverters for your XBox One

1. Aeliussine 1000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 12v dc to ac 120v for Home Use Peak Power 2000w (1000w 12v)

This inverter has a continuous maximum of 1000w pure sine wave power with a peak of 2000w. The power you create for home use is more than enough to cover the power requirements of your Xbox One and all your other devices.

It looks and feels durable and smart with its aluminum alloy housing and smart LED display. Inside, this inverter has two smart cooling fans and real copper input connectors. It also comes with nine different types of protection, including high voltage protection, low voltage protection, overload protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, fuse protection and reverse protection.

Despite all the features it has, this inverter is a steal in its price range. There are other cheaper options, but none are as loaded as the aeliussine 1000w.

The rating of this inverter is 4.5 out of 5 stars

aeliussine 1000w Inverter Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 12v dc to ac 110v 120v with 2 US Socket, LCD Display and Earth Terminal, for Car RV, Truck, Yacht, and Off Grid Solar Power System (1000w 12v)

1. SPECIFICATION: Provides 1000W continuous pure sine wave power and 2000W peak power, converts 12V DC to 120V AC at a frequency of 60Hz.
2. APPLICATION: Widely used for camping, RV, truck, car, off-grid solar energy systems and home appliances. It is easy to transfer DC power from battery to AC power to support your laptop, digital cameras, fans, game consoles, GPS, LED LIGHT, lamps, etc.
3. OUTLOOK: 2 * Smart Cooling entertainments; 100% real copper input connectors; Aluminum housing; Smart LED display for working status; Departure from the US
4. 9 TYPES OF PRODUCTION: Short circuit protection; high temperature protection; high voltage protection; low voltage protection; Overvoltage protection; overload protection; Overvoltage protection; Fuse; Cutout protection.
5. YOU GET: 1 * 1000w inverter, 1 set battery cable, 1 * user manual, several spare fuses for replacement.


  • Smooth power delivery
  • Compatibility with multiple power sources
  • Smart LED Display


  • No USB Port
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2. Giandel Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave 1200Watt 12V DC to 110V 120V with Remote Control Dual AC Outlets and USB Port for CPAP RV Car Solar System Emergency

This inverter has 1200w pure sine wave power with 2400w peak power. It is wrapped in a strong and durable aluminum alloy that protects it from damage from drops and bumps. It has multiple protection function, including overvoltage and undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, overheating protection and polarity reversal protection. It also comes with an automatic restart feature.

It has user-friendly features such as a remote control and an LED display. In addition to the standard power outlets, it also comes with 2 USB slots to connect most mobile phones and devices directly. Smart cooling fan prevents overheating shortage. With its high voltage and all its other features, this inverter can power the Xbox One without any risk of electrical damage.

It might be a bit expensive. But with the 1200w, all the features, plus the 18-month warranty, the price is well worth it.

We give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars

Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave 1200Watt 12V DC to 110V 120V with Remote Control Dual AC Outlets and USB Port for RV Car Solar System Emergency

  • Giandel Pure Sine Wave Inverter: 1200 Watts continuous pure sine wave output and 2400 Watts peak power, more powerful than 1000 Watt inverter, 12V DC input, with 2 AC outputs and 2 USB ports, 1 A, with battery cables
  • Wide Applications: Dual 110V 120V AC outputs provide 1200 watts of continuous power for most home appliances such as fans, refrigerators, freezers, PSPs, laptops, air compressors, DVDs, etc.
  • Multiple protections: overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short circuit, overheating, polarity reversal (fuse) and soft start technology, automatic reset function THD <3%
  • With Remte Controller: Easy to turn the inverter ON/OFF with a 15ft cable. And LED display, easy to see the input voltage and output power.
  • Strong and durable aluminum alloy housing provides advanced protection against drops and bumps. Smart cooling fan helps reduce heat and prevent shortages. 18 months warranty


  • With remote control on/off.
  • Dual 110V 120V AC Outlets
  • Smart Cooling Fan


  • 8 AWG small battery cable
  • Limited peak power
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3. BESTEK 1000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Inverter with Digital LCD Display 4.2A Dual USB Charging Ports

What stands out most about this inverter is the smart digital LCD screen that displays multiple stats at once. Displays the input/output voltage, output power, and currently activated protection. It has an output power of 1000 watts of pure sine wave which is protected by advanced multi-protection features. It has two standard AC ports and two USB charging ports, so there are plenty of charging slots for everyone. The smart cooling fans run at different speeds depending on the temperature of the inverter.

The inverter comes with built-in replaceable 4*50A fuses to protect your Xbox One from overcurrent and overload damage. It also comes with four additional 50A fuses for convenience.

This inverter is really affordable considering its functionality and features.

The rating of this inverter is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

BESTEK 1000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Inverter with Digital LCD Display 4.2A Dual USB Charging Ports

  • BESTEK power converter – the No. 1 in the United States. Provide 1000W continuous DC to AC power, with 2 power outlets and 2 smart USB charging ports, digital LCD display.
    Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Superior to modified sine wave inverter, higher drive capacity, better protection for sensitive equipment, less electrical and audible noise, lower power consumption.
  • Digital LCD Display: It can show you the input/output voltage, output power and indicate the protection in time, convenient for you to master the inverter working status.
  • Quiet Cooling Fan: The cooling fan automatically rotates at different speeds depending on the power load and temperature, this design helps to reduce the fan noise. In addition, the high-speed cooling fan protects the inverter from overheating.
  • Multiple Protection: Built-in 4*50 amp fuse to protect your battery and devices. Safe charging technology provides protection against overheating, low/high voltage charging, overcharging and short circuit. 18 months warranty and friendly customer service.


  • Smart USB ports
  • Safe charging technology
  • 18 months warranty


  • Poor quality battery cable
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4. Renogy 1000W 12VDC to 120VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter Saving Mode, 1000W, Home Car Rv Solar Power Converter

The main feature of this inverter is the eco-friendly power saving mode, designed to save battery power with almost no power consumption during idle mode. It is equipped with 1000W of pure sine wave power to power your Xbox One and other energy-sensitive devices. There are various safety features such as overload protection, overvoltage and overvoltage protection, overheating protection and short circuit protection, and it comes with special LED indicators.

It also comes with a high-speed fan that prevents overheating and allows the inverter to operate at low temperatures. It also allows power spikes up to 2000W without overload or shutdown.

This inverter is a bit expensive, but considering all the features, the price is reasonable.

We rate it 4 out of 5 stars

Renogy 1000W 12VDC to 120VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Eco Mode, 1000W, Home Car RV Solar Power Converter

  • 1000 W continuous power, converting 12 V DC into 110 V AC pure sine wave and 2000 W peak power.
  • High speed fans to operate the inverter at low temperatures.
  • User configurable with ECO power saving mode and frequency switches.
  • Able to produce cleaner, smoother, quieter and more reliable power to run tools, fans,
  • lights and other electronic devices without interference.
  • Includes wired remote control to remotely control inverter power.


  • Easy-to-use remote switch
  • 5-stage eco-friendly energy-saving mode
  • > 90% conversion efficiency


  • Single socket
  • No screen monitor
  • 2AWG small cables
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5. Samlex Solar PST-1500-12 PST Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter

If you want to power devices larger than your Xbox One, this is the inverter for you. It is a commercial grade engineering technology that can withstand heavy energy loads for a long time. It can be wired for more customized and stable connectivity and has multiple protection functions such as undervoltage / overvoltage protection, overload protection and short circuit protection. It has a temperature-controlled cooling fan that maintains a low operating temperature and prevents overheating.

It comes with two standard AC plugs and is designed to power sensitive, high-performance appliances from televisions, computers, printers to refrigerators and freezers. This inverter is the perfect backup power supply for unexpected power outages.

Due to its industrial structure, it is one of the best priced inverters on the list. But the price is well worth it.

This investor gets 4.5 out of 5 stars

Samlex PST-1500-12 PST Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 1500 Watt

  • industrial quality:
  • Quiet Operation – Temperature-controlled cooling fan runs quietly and reduces power consumption
  • Low Interference – Will not interrupt the reception of your TV, radio or audio equipment
  • Two GFCI protected outlets
  • Safety Certificate: UL Standards, FCC Approved


  • DC Input Range 10.7 to 16.5 VDC
  • CGFI Protected Outputs
  • Low power consumption in standby


  • No USB Port
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6. AIMS Power PWRI150012120S Pure Sine Inverter, 1500W Continuous Power, 12V DC Input, Short Circuit Protection

This 1500 watt pure sine wave inverter is designed for RVs, boats, trucks or as a backup or off-grid power system for your home. It has 3000W peak power and can use your Xbox One along with some other gadgets and gizmos. It has multiple protection features, such as high/low voltage protection, overload protection, high temperature protection, and an insulated ground neutral.

It has two cooling fans that are thermally activated and turn off automatically when very low or high voltage is detected. It has AC plugs and a USB port.

For a 1500W inverter, the price is affordable because it has many features and high power.

This inverter is rated 4 out of 5 stars.

AIMS PICOGLF15W12V120VR 1500 Watt 12 VDC Input to 120VAC Output Pure Sine Inverter Charger Backup Power

  • POWERFUL: 1500W continuous, 4000W for 20 seconds, 12.5 amps, 120VAC pure sine wave clean power, low frequency, automatic transfer switch and 50A smart battery charger for 8 different battery technologies including lithium.
  • PROTECTIONS: Overload, over temperature, high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, low and high voltage alarm with internal fuses, cooling fan and insulated neutral.
  • FEATURES: GFCI output, charge current regulator, DIP switches for setting priorities, auto build start, conformal coating, power save mode and battery temperature sensor. Only one set of cables is needed. Optional remote controls available.
  • APPLICATIONS: Ideal for to and from shore / generator and inverter power automatic, off-grid and backup power applications. Homes, boats, RVs, solar, work trucks and mobile businesses. 12 volts more efficient and can use smaller cables.
  • TRUST GOALS: Buy with confidence. More than 20 years in business. All Nevada technical and warranty support.


  • Three AC plugs
  • Optional remote control
  • 2 year warranty


  • Risk of condensation damage
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7. LVYUAN Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1500W / 3000W (Peak) Car Caravan RV Camping Boat DC 12V Inverter Soft Start 12V DC to AC 110V DC 12V Inverter Converter with LCD Display

If you plan on using your Xbox One on a boat or in an RV, this 1500 watt pure sine wave output converter with 3000 watt peak power can get the job done. It produces pure, smooth, uninterrupted power that can be used even for powerful appliances that require pure sinusoidal power output, such as digital microwave ovens, refrigerators, and refrigerators. The power delivered by this inverter is equivalent to that of a domestic power line, meaning it can be used as an efficient backup power source in the event of an emergency.

It has two displays that show the input and output voltage. It also has multiple protection features and will shut down automatically in case of over or under voltage. The cooling fan maintains low temperatures, preventing the inverter from overheating.

There are certainly cheaper options on the market. However, this converter is also not expensive. For its performance and capacity, the price is reasonable.

This inverter is rated 4 out of 5 stars.

LVYUAN Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1500W / 3000W (Peak) Car Caravan RV Camping Boat DC 12V Inverter Soft Start 12V DC to AC 110V DC 12V Inverter Converter with LCD Display

  • Pure sine wave inverters are recommended for sensitive electronic equipment that requires pure sine wave AC power to function properly. Pure sine wave AC output, all imported big mosfets with strong driving ability. Applies to inductive loads: p. Eg refrigerator, microwave freezer, etc. High-quality power backup for your home’s electricity supply.
  • Transfer DC to AC 12V to 110V, 60Hz frequency, double US sockets. Cooling fan with intelligent temperature control. LED display: input voltage, LCD display: output voltage
  • High quality real aluminum inductance, real pure sine wave AC output, protect your equipment. All major imported mosfets with strong conductivity.
  • Free standard battery cables and spare fuse for replacement, overheating, turn off the output automatically
  • High-frequency transformer to transfer DC to AC, provide stable and full AC output;


  • Includes 4 spare fuses
  • 2 LCD / LED Displays
  • Automatic emergency shutdown


  • No USB port
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8. KRIPOL 1500 Watt Pure sine Wave Inverter 12v DC to 110v AC Car Power Inverter with 4 AC Outlets & 1 USB Output Power Battery Converter-Peak Power 3000W

This inverter delivers 1500w pure sine wave power with 3000w max peak power, perfect for providing smooth and stable power to your Xbox One and also other home appliances you have on the road or camping. The multiple protection function of this inverter protects your devices from overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, reverse polarity and short circuit.

Two temperature-controlled cooling fans keep the temperature cool to optimize capacity. It’s easy and efficient to use, just plug it into a 12V power source and you’re good to go. The smooth power output it delivers is as stable as your home’s power line.

This inverter is really cheap considering all functionality and capacity.

This inverter is rated 4 out of 5 stars


  • Remote control included
  • 4 sockets with USB
  • 2 months warranty


  • Limited analog display
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9. Kinverch 1000W Continuous/2000W Peak Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Car Power Inverter with Dual AC Outlets & 2A USB Output

While this inverter is primarily designed for cars, it can also be used in RVs, boats, for solar energy or as a backup power source in your home. Provides 1000 watts of pure sine wave power with 2000 watts of peak power, enough for a smooth and stable Xbox One session while using other devices at the same time.

Aside from the two power outlets, it also has two USB ports for easy access to charging. This inverter has multiple security features and audible alarms to ensure safety and security. It also has an internal fuse and a thermal fan to ensure that the inverter does not overheat.

This is actually an affordable inverter as it has many features for a 1000w inverter.

Our rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Kinverch 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC 12V to AC 110 V Car Power Inverter with Dual AC Outlets & 2A USB Ports

  • [1000W KINVERCH INVERTER] Provides 1000W/2000W continuous power surge, perfect for vacations, business trips and camping or anywhere there is a power outage.
  • [STABLE PURE SINE WAVE] Provides a stable pure sine waveform without distortion, generates continuous and stable AC power, making connected devices work more stable, efficient and durable. It has a wide range of uses for many computers and devices, especially for some sensitive devices.
  • [MULTIFUNCTIONAL] Designed with two 115V AC outlets and a 2A USB charging port, ideal for powering pumps, fans, DVD players, small televisions, small refrigerators, microwaves and other appliances.
  • [5 PROTECTION SYSTEMS] This advanced inverter provides multiple protections: over voltage, overload, overheating, undervoltage, short circuit.
  • [WHAT YOU GET]: 1x 1000W inverter, 2x car battery cables, 1x user manual and our friendly customer service.


  • 2 sockets / 2 USB ports
  • Multiple security system
  • Smooth and stable output


  • No LED/LCD Display
  • Fan noise
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10. SUDOKEJI 1500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Peak Power 3000W 12V DC to 110V 120V AC with LED Display 3 AC Outlets & USB Port for RV Truck Boat

This inverter can deliver 1000w of pure sine wave power, with 3000w peak power, perfect for playing Xbox One for long periods outdoors or during a power outage. It has two cooling fans to keep the temperature down and is covered by multiple security features to ensure uninterrupted, stable and safe use.

The inverter is made of durable aluminum alloy and pure copper terminal block. 2-chip backup fuse provides smooth and safe electrical power output. This inverter can be used for cars, SUVs, RVs, boats and even as a backup power source at home.

For the features and performance of this inverter, the price is reasonable. It is in the middle of the price spectrum.

The rating of this inverter is 4 out of 5 stars.

SUDOKEJI 1500W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Peak Power 3000W 12V DC to 110V 120V AC with LED Display 3 AC Outlets & USB Port for RV Truck Boat

✔ 1500W High Power Pure Sine Wave WAVE Inverter – – – Provides 1500W DC to AC Continuous Output, Up to 3000W Peak Capacity, Converts 12V DC Battery Power to Standard AC 100A 120V.
✔ Durable Material — – Durable aluminum alloy blue housing, 16-pin connecting wires, pure copper terminal block, 2-chip backup fuse.
✔3 US Standard AC Outlets (With 1 USB Output) – – – Meets a variety of electrical appliances, such as laptops, cell phones, mini fridges, cameras, printers, etc. Ideal for solar energy systems, RVs, camping, home use , indoors, outdoors, etc.
✔ Dual Cooling Fans – – – Super heat dissipation function, enhanced 45 temperature control fans, extend the life of the equipment and inverter.
✔ 1500W Product Dimensions: 390mm*160mm*100mm, Weight: About 3.98kg (Package Size: 51cm*23cm*18cm)


  • 3 sockets
  • Smart LED Display
  • USB port


  • No remote control
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