Power Inverter Remote Switch Reviews

Tired of going to the inverter to turn it on or off? Or is your inverter in a hard-to-reach place such as a cabinet? An external switch fixes the problem or raises the inverter to turn it on or off.

In this article, we will discuss what an external inverter switch is and how to choose an external inverter switch that is compatible with your inverter. In summary, we list the best remote switches for inverters on the market from different brands.


What is a Remote Switch for an Inverter?

A remote reversing switch is a small switch that can be mounted on the wall of a house, car, RV or boat. Eliminates the need to go to the inverter to turn it on and off. It is a quick, easy and much safer way to operate the inverter.

How to Find a Remote Control that is Compatible with your Power Inverter?

Most inverter remotes come with a list of compatible devices. In most cases, the remote switch only works with inverters of the same brands. Although, it’s not a hard and fast rule.

To make selecting external switches easier, we have included a list of compatible inverters for most external switches.

How Do I Know if the Remote Switch will Work with My Power Inverter?

As we discussed earlier, Power Inverter Remote Switches come with a list of compatible inverters, but they can work with other inverters as well.

So will an external switch work with my inverter?

Not quite! It’s more of a gamble.

The switch may or may not work with your inverter. For example, the Energizer remote switch worked well with Krieger and Black & Decker inverters up to 4000 Watt.

In principle, the external switch works if the inverter has an output for it.

Reviews of our Favorite Power Inverter Remote Switches

1. Cobra CPI-A20 Power Inverter Remote Control Wall Plate Switch

The Cobra CPI A20 remote control switch is compatible with the following Cobra inverters with a power of 1000, 1500 or 2500 watts:

  • Cobra CPI1000 Power Converter
  • Cobra CPI1550 Current Converter
  • Cobra CPI1575 Current Converter
  • Cobra CPI1090 Current Converter
  • Cobra CPP1590 Power Converter
  • Cobra CPI2550 Current Converter
  • Cobra CPI2575 Current Converter
  • Cobra CPP2590 Power Converter

It can be mounted on the wall and you can turn your inverter on/off outside the unit. The power switch also includes a 20-foot cord that allows you to place the inverter anywhere, even in a box or cabinet. It is very easy to use and increases the efficiency of the inverter.

Cobra CPI-A20 Power Inverter Remote Control Wall Plate Switch – 20 Foot wiring, High Power Capacity Models Compatible

  • COMPATIBLE WITH COBRA POWER INVERTERS – Operate any of the following Cobra CPI1000, CPI1550, CPI1575, CPI1090, CPP1590, CPI2550, CPI2575 and CPP2590 inverters with 1000, 1500 or 2500 watts power
  • TURN ON/OFF YOUR INVERTER – Control your inverter with a remote that allows you to turn it on and off away from the device
  • MOUNT YOUR INVERTER IN A HIDDEN LOCATION – The remote switch option allows you to mount the controller in a more convenient location and preserve the functions of your inverter.
  • CONTROL FROM 20 FEET AWAY – Included with the remote is a 20 foot cable that allows you to mount your inverter wherever you want.


  • Compatible with all Cobra inverters
  • A 20 ft. Cord (included)
  • Easy to use


  • It will not work with high power inverter or any other brand inverter.
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2. Energizer Remote for Power Inverter

The Energizer Power Inverter Remote Switch is compatible with the following Energizer Power Inverters:

  • Energizer EN900 Inverter
  • Energizer EN1100 Power Converter
  • Energizer EN1500 Inverter
  • Energizer EN2000 Inverter
  • Energizer EN3000 Inverter
  • Energizer EN4000 Inverter

The remote control has a push button (to turn on/off) and an LED light to indicate the status of the inverter. It also comes with a 20 foot cord and flush mount for professional installation.

ENERGIZER Remote for Power Inverter series, mountable and compatible with EN900, EN1100, EN1500, EN2000, EN3000, EN4000

  • Push buttons
  • LED status light
  • 20 ft. RJ11 telephone cord
  • Flush mount for professional installation


  • Flush mount for expert installation
  • LED indicator for status signal
  • One 20-foot RJ11 cable (included)


  • Some people reported problems with the LED status signal (stays green).
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Aims Power RemoteHF Flush Mount Power Inverter Remote Switch

The Aims remote power switch only works with Aims power inverters. This remote will only work with inverter models starting with PWRINV or PWRI and the 30ft RJ9 cable will only work with inverters purchased after 2015.

The switch is very compact and can easily be mounted on the wall (or similar) with the recessed brackets. It has a separate LED indicator for AC/Inverter mode and failure.

AIMS Power REMOTEHF Flush Mount Power Inverter Remote On-Off Switch

  • Remote On/Off Switch for AIMS Power Inverters only
  • Compact flush mount with LED indicators for inverter, AC and fault
  • Works ONLY with inverter models starting with PWRINV or PWRI
  • Not compatible with AIMS inverter chargers; please refer to other REMOTELF or REMOTELFLED
  • 30ft RJ9 Cable Works with AIMS Inverters purchased after 2015


  • Separate LEDs for AC / Inverter Mode and Fault
  • Easy flush mounting
  • Compact design


  • It is compatible with a limited number of Aims devices.
  • It is not compatible with non-Aims inverters.

3. Aims Power RemoteLF Remote Switch with LCD Monitoring

The Aims Power RemoteLF switch is only compatible with Aims PICOGLF inverter chargers sold after 2014.

You can switch the inverter on/off remotely. It also has separate LED indicators for inverter status, battery charge and errors.

The LCD monitoring screen displays the battery voltage, AC input voltage, AC output voltage, frequency and charge percentage. The power switch comes with a 60-foot RJ45 cable (included free).

AIMS Power REMOTELF Remote Switch with LCD Monitoring Screen

  • Monitors battery voltage, AC input voltage, AC output voltage, frequency and charge percentage.
  • On/off button and display light on/off
  • LED indicator for battery charge, inverter on and errors
  • 60 ft RJ45 cable


  • LCD Display
  • One 60 ft. cord (included)
  • Separate LED indicators for different operations


  • Not compatible with inverters from other brands.
  • Compatible with limited Aims inverters / chargers
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4. Go Power! GP-SWR-A Pure Sine Wave Inverter Remote

Go power! GP-SWR-A is a remote control for a pure sine wave inverter. It is compatible with Go Power 12 and 24 volt inverters:

  • GP-HS1500 Power Converter
  • GP-SW1000 Power Converter
  • GP-SW-2000 Power Converter
  • GP-SW3000 Current Converter

The remote control has a very simple interface with a button to turn the inverter on/off, an LED status indicator and two parallel mounting holes (for mounting on a wall).

A 21 ft cord is supplied with the remote and plugs into a telephone jack (modular jack) on the back of the board.

Go Power! GP-SWR-A Pure Sine Wave Inverter Remote , Black

  • Compact product
  • LED indicator showing inverter status
  • Suitable for 1000, 2000 and 3000 watt pure sine wave inverters
  • Compatible with 12V and 24V inverters


  • Works with 12 volt and 24 volt inverters
  • LED status indicator
  • A 21-foot cable (included)


  • (Probably) not compatible with other inverters
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5. Xantrex PROWatt SW Remote Panel

The Xantrex remote panel is compatible with the ProWatt SW converter.

Provides the simple on/off function for the remote user and allows you to hide the inverter in a cabinet or cabinet. It also includes an auto-ignition interlock that shuts off the output of a power converter when the vehicle’s ignition or a 12-volt DC trigger is not activated.

The external panel has a fairly simple interface with an on/off switch and LED status indicator and has four mounting holes for easy installation.

Xantrex 808-9001 PROwatt SW Remote Switch

  • country of origin: China
  • Package weight: 0.36 kg
  • Model Number: E231
  • Package dimensions: 5.7cm L x 9.2cm W x 16.3cm H


  • Simple panel interface
  • LED indicator
  • Automatic ignition lock function


  • Compatibility issues may arise for different Xantrex inverter models
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6. Giandel Power Inverter Remote Switch

Giandel’s remote switch works with Giandel:

  • 600 watt inverter
  • 1000 watt inverter
  • 1200 watt inverter
  • 1600 watt inverter
  • 2000 watt inverter
  • 3000 watt inverter
  • 4000 watt inverter
  • 5000 watt inverter

It is easy to install, with a recessed design. The interface of this remote control has an on/off switch and two separate LEDs for on and malfunction. It also comes with a 30ft 4P4C phone cord and RJ10 plugs.

GIANDEL Power Inverter Remote On/Off Switch with 30 Ft Cable Push Button Mountable Remote Switch

  • This inverter remote control on/off switch is only suitable for GANDEL 600W / 1000W / 1200W / 1600W / 2000W / 3000W / 4000W and 5000Watt inverters. DO NOT CONNECT WITH OTHER INVESTOR BRANDS.
  • Easy to install. Recessed design makes installation easy and simple
  • Operate the inverter more easily. Turn the inverter on and off at a distance of up to 10 meters,
  • With LED indicator to show the status of the inverter.
  • With 4P4C telephone cord and RJ10 plugs to inverter interface


  • Works with different inverters
  • Easy to install
  • Two power and fault LEDs


  • No
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7. Kisae Technology Inverter Remote Control

The Kisae Power Inverter Remote Control is compatible with Kisae’s modified and pure sine wave inverters, especially the following models:

  • KISAE SW1210
  • KISAE SW1220
  • KISAE MW1210
  • KISAE MW1215

The battery powered remote control allows you to turn your inverter on and off from remote locations and also checks the battery status. The package also includes a 20-foot cord and requires no effort in terms of assembly.

Because it is specially designed for Kisae inverters, there is no guarantee that it will work with inverters from other brands.

KISAE Technology RM1201-00 Inverter Remote On/Off Switch

  • Battery remote control
  • Check battery status
  • Remote setting of the unit
  • No assembly required


  • No assembly effort required
  • Simple interface
  • Easy to use


  • Specially designed for Kisae inverters
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8. Tripp Lite Remote Control Module

Tripp Lite’s remote control module enables full remote monitoring and control of PowerVerter inverters (PV series) or inverter/charger (RV, APS and EMS series) up to 15 meters away.

It can be easily mounted (using the APSRM4 brackets) in various locations, including under the dashboard of your vehicle. It is ideal for automotive, remote locations, industrial, commercial and residential applications.

One-touch switching between inverter and charger modes and master override capability for complete control. The remote control module is made of sturdy metal and includes LEDs to indicate battery level and inverter modes.

It is one of the exclusive inverters on our list and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Tripp Lite Remote Control Module for Tripp Lite PowerVerter Inverters (PV-Series) and Inverter/Chargers (RV-, APS- EMS-Series) (APSRM4)


  • Complete monitoring and control of PV series inverters
  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • A bit expensive
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9. Whistler Pro-RS01 Power Inverter Remote Switch

The Whistler pro-RS01 inverter switch is exclusively compatible with the Whistler Pro Series inverter models:

  • Whistler Pro-1200W Power Converter
  • Whistler Pro-1600W Power Inverter
  • Whistler Pro-2000W Power Converter
  • Whistler Pro-2500W Power Inverter
  • Whistler Pro-3000W Power Inverter

It is perfect to place anywhere in a house, boat, RV or car. The design is very minimal with a small red button and an LED status indicator. The remote control comes with a 1.8 meter cord for easy remote control of the inverter.

Whistler PRO-RS01 Power Inverter Remote On/Off Switch,Black,1200/1600/2000/3000 Watt
  • Allows you to control your inverter remotely
  • Includes a 1.8m cable
  • Exclusively compatible with Whistler Pro Series inverter models
  • Will not work with inverters containing P/N 401009 and P/N 401039 . require
  • Over the past four decades, Whistler has built a brand that stands for quality, innovation and proven performance.


  • Minimalist design
  • LED indicator
  • Easy to use in a car, boat or RV


  • A bit bulky
  • Built exclusively for Whistler Pro Series inverters
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