Best Up Camper Power Converter

Owning a motorhome gives you a blank check for a fascinating world of adventure and vacation.

Unlike in the past, motorhome road trips are easier thanks to various devices such as power converters. You don’t have to disconnect from your social media community, which makes it even more fun.

Among the devices we are talking about are power converters. The best RV power converter can work with refrigerators, laptops, and televisions, among others.

Best Up Camper Power Converter Reviews

1. Powermax 110 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC Power Supply Converter Charger for RV

A motorhome inverter cannot be more reliable and durable than this Powermax 110 Volt.

Powermax 110 Volt to 12 Volt DC Power Supply Converter Charger for Rv Pm3-55 (55 Amp)

Best Up Camper Power Converter


  • Fan
  • 12 Volt DC Power Supply Unit
  • Fixed single output modes
  • Automatic shutdown as a safety function
  • 7 pounds weight

It will provide reliable power to all electrical devices in your RV and charge others as well.

Other great features include fixed signal output modes and three charging stages. If you are the type of person who is always on top of trends then you will find this to be a top upgrade unit.

The power converter has a safety function that shuts down the unit in case of overload. You paid a lot of money for the RV, warts and all, and it would be a shame to lose it in a fire due to a faulty power converter.

This device is also very easy to install and operate.


  • Reliable and quite efficient
  •  Easy to install and operate
  • Automatic shutdown safety function in case of overload
  • Light and easy to transport.


  • The fan makes a little noise
  • The best inverter generator for rv
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2. WFCO WF-9855 WF-9800 Series Deck Mount Converter Charger – 55 Amp

At just 4.3 pounds, this power converter is versatile and very popular.

WFCO (WF-9855 55 Amp Deck Mount Converter

Best Up Camper Power Converter


  • 4.3 pounds weight
  • Three-stage charger
  • Fan
  • 55 amps DC
  • 14.4V DC fast charging

The unit has an exceptional capacity to power motorhomes of various sizes. As a result, you can expect a reliable and stable power supply for all your devices.

Another feature that is a pin on the top of the device is the three-stage charger. The feature is innovative and contributes greatly to the health and durability of your batteries. In addition, the converter has a fan that can prevent the heat from getting out of hand.

The fan only works when it is needed and that has its advantage. Loud noises don’t bother you, especially if you have to concentrate on something. All connections are easy to install and maintain.


  • Versatile and efficient
  • Provides a reliable and stable power supply
  • Three-stage charger
  • Effortless installation
  • Wide Amp Range
  • Silent operation


  • Instructions may not be clear
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3. IOTA Engineering Converter and Charger, 55 – Amp

The brand has a lot of experience in the industry, so you can’t help but expect the best.

IOTA Engineering 318.1402 Converter and Charger, 55 – Amp

Best Up Camper Power Converter


  • 12 volt inverter
  • 5 pounds weight
  • 55 amp limit
  • Compatible with iota charge controller

The reliable DC power you acquire is sufficient for a wide variety of equipment, such as microwave ovens and others.

It is easy to install and durable, while also offering you good value for money. We consider the instructions to be fairly simple and easy to follow.

The unit has a built-in system to keep problems such as overload and overheating at bay. This way you can be sure of your safety when you’re out and about.

But the safety provisions do not only apply to the connected equipment, but also to the battery.

It’s a device that almost seems like a bargain as the converter extends battery life, a welcome benefit for any RV owner or adventurer.

In fact, the current converter works quite well with a charge controller of the same brand.


  • A reliable brand
  • Good quality DC power for your equipment
  • Durable and easy to install.
  • Limits established to prevent overload and overheating
  • Protects and extends battery life


  • Possible overheating issues
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How to test a camper power converter.

Finding the Best Camper Power Converter

The main function of a power converter is to convert an electrical current into a nice format.

Your devices, such as laptops, appliances, and kitchenware, cannot draw electrical power directly from a battery source. It must be air-conditioned.

Also, a good quality RV power converter works as a charger for your batteries. But what factors do you take into account when choosing?


The power of the caravan’s power converter is a critical consideration. However, the power needs of your appliances will determine the size of the appliance you should buy.

Well, making the mistake of buying a small inverter can be quite expensive. The risk of overload is always present and that is not good.

Calculate the total consumption of all electrical components in your caravan. Use this figure to find a suitable power converter.

It doesn’t hurt to do a few numbers to arrive at a reliable unit. Just to be sure, add an extra 15% to the grade you get.


In every market there are certain brands with a great reputation and they need no introduction. They may cost a little more than the others, but as we always say, prevention is better than cure.

Stick with the tried and true, especially if you’re new to the market. Check customer reviews for directions.


Universal design translates into versatility, which is great. A power converter that you can use in cars, buses and SUVs is one of the best things you can have.

It is also a great help if the motorhome power converter is portable. Of course, you have to move it from the RV to the house or another location.


You can prevent damage to electrical equipment by choosing an inverter with different protection functions.

Always make sure that the inverter has short circuit protection, high voltage protection and low voltage protection.

When too much current flows, the voltage overload protection shuts down the system. Your motorhome can explode in the event of a fire if this protection is not present.


The best up camper power converter has several energy efficient features to reduce energy consumption when needed.

The conversion process will undoubtedly produce some heat, and buying the best converter can go a long way in tackling excessive power consumption.

Remember to turn off the converter when not in use. The device consumes battery power even when disconnected from your electrical appliances in the motorhome.

As an adventurous or adventurous person, you are in the right place with the best motorhome inverter. Our selection above includes units that are not only energy efficient but also sustainable.

Power inverters have several security features for your safety and that of your equipment and property.

We strongly recommend having full power consumption at your fingertips to choose a suitable unit.

Inverter vs RV Inverter.

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