The Best Power Inverter for Camping

On camping trips, it is important to invest in a backup power source in case you have trouble accessing a power source. Camping power converters can power any device that can switch direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), making them a great option when traveling.

With a reliable inverter you can use up to a thousand watts or more, it is portable, easy to use and less noisy than a generator. Inverters can convert 12 volts DC from a battery to 120 volts AC, just like the electricity you get at home.

In this guide, we’ll explain exactly what inverters are capable of, their limitations, and recommend the best inverters for camping trips.

What Size Power Inverter do I need for Camping?

Inverters are rated by their input power and come in many sizes from 100w to 10,000w.

To determine which size to take, you need to know the total wattage required for all the appliances you will be using. To do this, you need to know how much energy each device consumes. The rating of each appliance is usually stated on the label, usually in amps or watts.

If the power is given in watts, you can simply add the numbers together to get the total power. If the power is given in amps, you need to convert it to watts to get the full power. To do this, multiply the number of amps by 120 volts. For example, a heater rated at 5 amps will draw 600 watts of power.

It is important to note that there are some appliances that require a high starting energy, such as refrigerators, so it is necessary to take this into account when calculating the total power required.

How Long will my Battery Last?

After you have calculated the size of the inverter you will need, it is important to know how long your battery will last so that you have power when you need it. It makes no sense to take all your devices and gadgets with you on your camping trip only to find that your battery is empty in no time.

To determine how long your battery will last, calculate how many amps will be drawn from your battery based on the total power you got before. To do this, simply divide your total wattage by 10, this will give you the amps drawn when running on a 12 volt supply. For example, if your total power is 400 watts, the battery power consumption is 40 A.

The capacity of a battery is generally expressed in ampere-hours (Ahr) and the most common battery sizes are 85 Ahr and 115 Ahr. To calculate how many hours the battery will last on a full charge, simply divide the battery size by the amps drawn from the battery. So for an 85 Ahr battery with 40 amps drawn, the battery will last for 2.1 hours.

Pure Sine Wave vs. Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter for Camping?

When choosing an inverter, the pure sine wave or the modified sine wave is one of the main points of confusion and conflict. These are some of the key differences between these two terms without going into the science behind these technologies.

Pure sine wave inverters provide the cleanest power source; You can compare this to the net worth of your house. Modified sine wave inverters provide stepped or square power output; This is less clean and can cause problems for some devices such as laptops, LED lighting, audio equipment, microwaves and other sensitive devices.

For your camping trips, it is advisable to purchase a pure sine wave inverter.

Reviews of our favorite camping inverters

1. AIMS Power 3000 Watt 12V DC Power Inverter

With this inverter, it is certainly possible to enjoy a clean and reliable power supply to keep your essential devices running. This is especially useful when you are on a campsite with no electrical hookups. This is a reliable inverter from AIMS and is equipped with a 100 amp smart battery charger. This inverter has 7 different battery type settings, making choosing the right one for your needs a breeze. It has the ability to produce high-quality and efficient 3000w pure sine wave power, while also having the ability to maintain normal output even when the battery reaches a low voltage.

The VertaMax 3000w sine wave inverter has a reliable design as it is equipped with a thermal cut-out function that promotes trouble-free operation and operation of the inverter. With this inverter you will feel safe knowing that it also has a high/low voltage alarm. This device is a great solution for powering on a number of devices such as coffee makers, laptops, microwaves, CD and DVD players. The only drawback to this inverter is that it does not have a USB charging port or external switch, although the external switch can be purchased separately. This unit is a great power source for most of your electronic devices and equipment during your camping trip.

AIMS 180 Watt Pure Sine Car Power Inverter with Cables USB Port

  • POWERFUL: 3000 watts continuous power / 6000 watts peak power, pure sine wave inverter converts 12V DC to 120V AC 60Hz, clean pure sine wave power, soft start technology, compact design, light weight
  • PROTECTIONS: overload, over temperature, high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, with internal fuses, low and high voltage alarm, cooling fan and insulated neutral. 90% efficiency
  • FEATURES: Works with electronics, appliances, tools, pumps and more up to 20 amps. Includes USB port, LED indicators, ground terminal and optional external switch
    TRUST GOALS: Buy with confidence. Active in the investment world for over 20 years. All Nevada Supported Sales, Warranty, and Technical Support
  • APPLICATIONS: Ideal for off-grid or back-up power systems using a 12V battery(ies) in trucks, vans, buses, homes, boats, cabins, vehicles and solar suppliers and other preferred OEM applications indicate a UL 458 and CSA listing. 2 year warranty. Use high quality copper cables in your system


  • Well built and robust
  • Digital screen
  • Various security features


  • Missing USB ports
  • No remote control
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2. Power TechOn 3000w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

This is another pure sine wave inverter that is great for camping trips. It has the capacity to provide 3000w continuous power and 6000w peak voltage. It is very versatile and can be used for a wide variety of applications and purposes. This inverter promotes high efficiency in sensitive equipment and devices. It is very safe to use as it comes with 5 protection systems such as overload protection, thermal protection, undervoltage protection and overvoltage protection. Plus, the LED light makes it easy to spot any issues with this device.

The compact size and portability of the Power TechOn Inverter make it ideal for use on your camping trips. Other than this, it comes with most of the essentials needed to get it running right out of the box, such as a remote control, red and black wires, and 3 power outlets. However, this unit is not equipped with a USB charging port.

GoWISE Power PS1004 3000W Continuous 6000W Surge Peak Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Starter Cables and 4 Output Sockets, Updated Model, Grey, Standard

  • GoWISE Power PURE SINE 3000W continuous / 6000W peak current, 12V DC to 120V AC converter with black and red wires with ring terminals, remote switch, 5 types of protection systems and 4 output jacks
  • Ideal for use in cars, boats and for emergencies due to power outages and maximize efficiency with computers, sensitive equipment and more
  • 5 protection systems: thermal protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, low voltage protection, low voltage protection alarm
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <3%; Cooling fan temperature control and low interference soft start technology. Output voltage: AC 120V; Frequency: 60Hz


  • Versatile and highly efficient
  • Compact and portable
  • Durable construction


  • Some note that the external switch is ‘bulky’
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3. Ampeak 2000w Power Inverter

This is another inverter that is great for camping trips. This device can deliver up to 2000 watts of continuous power and a peak power of 4000 watts. This is enough to power all your essential devices during your camping trip. It is equipped with 3 sockets and 1 USB port, so you can charge up to 4 devices at the same time. One of the most impressive features of this inverter is its smart digital LCD display. This screen is very easy to see and shows all the important details such as DC input voltage, error codes and AC output watts.

The Ampeak Power Inverter is very safe to use as it comes with several security systems including an audible alarm. There is also an automatic power-off protection function; This can be useful in case of overheating, short circuit, undervoltage or overvoltage. In addition, the Ampeak power inverter uses an ABS housing that helps improve the stability of this device. This is a bit more expensive, but the variety of features on this device will definitely make up for it.

Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter 3 AC Outlets DC 12V to 110V AC Car Converter 2.1A USB Inverter

▶ 2000W High Power Inverter◀: Provides 2000W DC to AC continuous power, up to 4000W peak capacity, with 3 AC outputs and a USB charging port to convert battery power from 12V DC to 110V AC standard, ideal for AC household appliances or major electrical appliances when traveling, camping or working, such as light, TV, freezer, laptop, DVD player, PSP, camera or charging mobile phone / iPad, etc.
▶ Comprehensive Protection ◀: Built-in 10 * 35A mini slide fuse, smart digital display, 2 cooling fans, audible alarm, over voltage, under voltage, overload, short circuit, overheating automatic shutdown protection
▶ABS Shell◀: Comes with fully insulated ring clip cables which are safer than other plastic sheathed alligator clip cables. Durable ABS material housing offers perfect protection in every way
▶Wide Application◀: You only need a 12V battery system to connect and power your device in case of emergency, hurricane, storm, snow storm and power outage
▶ Absolutely Satisfied ◀: All our investors are ETL certified. We offer an 18-month hassle-free warranty, 24-hour friendly customer service and 100% customer satisfaction.


  • Smart digital display
  • Comes with an automatic shutdown protection
  • 3 sockets and 1 USB port


  • Nothing to report yet!
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4. POTEK 2000 Watt Power Inverter

This is another 2000 watt inverter with a peak power of 4000 watts. It has 3 sockets and 1 USB port which are suitable for powering your TV, microwave, fridge, floodlights and any other appliances you may have with you on your camping trip. This inverter also provides protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, overload and overheating.

The POTEK Power Inverter is also ideal for camping use as it has many features to keep you safe while providing enough power to run your essential devices. It has a cooling fan that turns on once the temperature inside the inverter exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The POTEK 2000w inverter delivers great performance and impeccable performance when a good power supply is needed for your home appliances and electronic devices.

POTEK 2000W Power Inverter 3AC Outlets 12V DC to 110V AC Car Inverter with 2A USB Port and Bluetooth

  • [2000 WATT BLUETOOTH POWER INVERTER] Provides 2000 watts continuous power, 4000 watts peak power to charge your multiple electronic devices on the go
  • [MULTIPURPOSE CHARGING] Three outlets and one USB charging port perfect for charging your TV, freezer, floodlights, microwave, refrigerator and other electronic devices
  • [MULTIPLE PROTECTION] This inverter has overvoltage, overload, overcurrent, undervoltage, overheating and short circuit
  • [INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL] The built-in cooling fan will not start working until the temperature is above 104℉ and 8 internal fuses make it safer when using the inverter, ideal for use on the road, camping, remote work stations or anywhere Also Alternating current is needed
  • [WHAT YOU GET]: 1x 2000W inverter, 4 car battery cables, 1 user manual, 1 bluetooth receiver and our friendly customer service.


  • It has 3 sockets and 1 USB port
  • light
  • Easy to install and use


  • Some report it can be noisy during use
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