Best 7000 Watt Power Inverter Reviews

If you’re looking for power-hungry appliances and electronics, the 7000 watt inverters are the way to go. These powerful inverters can power larger appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and freezers and other kitchen appliances. They may even use power tools such as power saws and hand drills.

The 7000-watt inverters can power multiple devices at once, making them an excellent backup power source (or primary power source if you prefer).

If you’ve already started researching 7000 watt inverters, you may have noticed that this isn’t the most popular power range, as more inverters are being made in this power range, we’ll add them to our review, so come back! Here we discuss some 7000 watt inverters to help you choose which one is best for you.

What can a 7000 watt inverter run?

The right inverter model with the right wattage can meet all your electrical needs. 7000 W is quite a large power, which means that even devices with a high power requirement can be accommodated. Multiple electrical appliances and devices can be connected at the same time, as long as the total electrical load does not exceed 7000 Watts.

Check the individual power of each item you want to connect to make sure the inverter is not overloaded. The rating will most likely be available on the device labels, so it’s more convenient to have this information handy. When buying an inverter, the general rule of thumb is to buy a little more capacity than needed, often 15-20% more. Therefore, a 7000W inverter can operate comfortably between 5600-5950W.

A 7000W inverter will turn on lights, a fridge or freezer, a coffee maker, a microwave and even charge your phone and laptop. You can even use a PC. As long as the combined power consumption does not exceed 6000 W, i.e.

Can 7000W power inverters run big commercial appliances?

The answer to this question is yes: a 7000W inverter can power commercial devices. Commercial appliances generally need about 1500-2000W each. There are more commercial appliances that consume a lot of energy, and usually a 7000W inverter can power them as well. Most commercial appliances are around 15~amps, a requirement that can be easily met with a 7000W inverter.

How many amps does a 7000 watt inverter draw?

To calculate the amperage of an inverter, the following formula is used:

Amps (current) = watts (power) / volts (voltage)

Therefore, the amperage of a 7000 W inverter is:

7000 / 110V = 63.63 amps.

Reviews of our favorite 7000 watt inverters

1. AIMS Power PWRIG700024048 Industrial Grade 48Vdc to 240Vac Inverter 7000W

This particular product has a maximum of 7000W continuous and a peak peak of 14000W. It is a modified sine wave inverter, which is generally cheaper and more commonly used for “everyday” electronics and appliances. In terms of quality, the AIMS inverter is robust and solidly built, with a durable exterior. The AIMS also comes with many contingencies such as overheat protection, overload protection and thermally controlled cooling fans.

The AIMS inverter costs about the price you would expect from a 7000W inverter. However, it is on the slightly more affordable end of the spectrum.

With an aluminum housing for better cooling, a thermally controlled fan, overload and overheating protection, and an LED bar to display the percentage of load utilization, this inverter is a good choice.

Although it is the cheapest option in the 7000W inverter category, the fact that this product has an output of 240V means you need a transformer.

AIMS Power 7000 Watt 48 VDC to 240 VAC Industrial Power Inverter

  • 7000W maximum continuous power, 14000W maximum peak power, modified sine wave
  • The power switch LED is also a self-test LED: green, overload fault LED: red, overtemperature indicator LED
  • LED overload indicator, 1 universal 240V AC outlet, direct terminal block for full load applications
  • On/Off Switch, Overheat Protection, Overload Protection, Thermally Controlled Fan, DC Voltmeter – Input Meter
  • Usage percentage LED bar, remote resettable circuit breakers, AC output short circuit protection, aluminum housing for optimum cooling


  • Peak at 14000W
  • Overload protection:
  • Overheating Protection


  • 240V outputs
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2. WZRELB 7000W Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter

The WZRELB is a pure sine wave inverter, which makes it more versatile as it is compatible with almost any electronic device or appliance. This 7000 watt inverter produces a current comparable to that of the real grid and is excellent if you are also trying to use solar energy. This product also comes with overheating and overload protection along with a fan that kicks in when a certain temperature is reached. With a 120V output, this product does not need a transformer to work. The WZRELB also shoots or reaches a maximum of 14000 watts.

The WZRELB inverter is a few hundred dollars more expensive than the AIMS, but it’s still within the range of what you’d expect from a 7000w inverter.

With overload and overheating protection and thermally activated fans, this product is just as robust as other options on the market. The WZRELB has two US plugs for ease of use, making it a great option if you just want to “plug and play”.

WZRELB 7000W 12V 120V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 4 AC Outlets Wired Remote Control,RV, Camping (RBH-700012WR)

  • High Frequency Bipolar Inverter With Two Large High Frequency Chokes This inverter has the energy storage function that drives EMI filtering and removal, which can greatly improve the performance and life of the inverter.
  • Stable output, high quality imported mosfets with strong conductivity Pure copper induction filter waveform provides true pure sine wave AC output 200mm PCB provides stronger current floating in the circuit to increase load capacity There is also an independent auxiliary power supply
  • Full safety protections Overvoltage Undervoltage Overload Short circuit Overheating Reverse polarity protection (fuse) Earth leakage protection against electricity Smart cooling fan works when temperature is above 66 degrees Celsius
  • Powerful cooling system The large-area heat sink and the powerful 96*96mm large fan (the general fan is 60*60mm) are more conducive to air circulation and achieve the rapid cooling effect
  • Applications Four AC plugs, perfect for electrical conversion variants, such as water dispensers, air compressor, refrigerator, coffee maker, electric motor, saw, etc. Can be used as emergency power supply during snow storm, storm, hurricane, power outage.


  • Pretty much anything will work
  • 120V outputs
  • Protection against overload and overheating


  • No visual representation of the current load
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