Best 600 Watt Power Inverter Reviews

Many people want a small and efficient inverter that is easy to transport and does not cost too much. A 600-watt inverter is a practical and inexpensive option, although it has its power limitations, it’s still a great option for powering smaller appliances and appliances.

The 600 watt inverter is a medium duty inverter suitable for powering small and some medium sized appliances and equipment while traveling, camping or remote workplaces.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about 600 watt inverters, and we’ve also reviewed some of the best 600 watt inverters on the market to help you make a better buying decision.


What can a 600 watt inverter run?

A typical 600W inverter can be used to power TVs, sound systems, CFL lights, LED lights, standard desktops, laptops, box fans, and other medium-sized devices. On a remote job site, you can power a battery charger, portable nail gun, and 250-watt drill.

Will a 600 watt inverter run a refrigerator

Technically, a 600 watt power converter can handle the operation of some smaller refrigerators, but generally they won’t have an adequate peak to handle continuous reliable operation.

We recommend choosing an inverter with a higher wattage if you want to run a refrigerator, use the calculation below to calculate exactly what size you need for your refrigerator.

How many amps does a 600 watt inverter draw?

The formula to calculate how many DC amps a 600-watt inverter will draw is as follows:

Watts (Power) = Volts (Voltage) X Amps (Current)

Current drawn by a 600 W (600/110) A converter = 5.45 amps

Reviews of our favorite 600 watt inverters

1. Power Bright APS600 Power Inverter

This device can handle 600 watts of continuous power and a maximum power of 1000 watts. Anodized aluminum housing helps maximize heat dissipation. It has a built-in fuse, an overload indicator and a cooling fan. It has 2 outlets that allow multiple charges. It has an LED display that shows the output power and the input voltage. This device comes with a low level trip alarm and a low voltage indicator.

While it doesn’t come at a very high price, this inverter isn’t exactly light on the pocket.

This device operates at a constant speed and is exceptionally durable. Anodized aluminum housing helps maximize heat dissipation. It is suitable for running televisions, laptops, smartphones, game consoles and other electronic devices.

Power Bright Pure Sine Power Inverter 600 Watt True Sine Continuous 12 Volt DC to 120 Volt AC w/USB Charging Port. Perfect for an Emergency, Hurricane, Storm Outage – APS600-12

  • 600 watts continuous / 1000 watts peak
  • Anodized aluminum housing ensures durability
  • Cooling fan with built-in thermal control and overload indicator
  • Dual 120 volt outlets
  • Distortion rate less than 3%


  • Value for your money
  • Durable construction
  • On off switch
  • LED screen


  • No USB output
  • Fan noise
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2. Samlex Solar PST-600 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This unit delivers 600 watts of true RMS power, questioning what you get with other products in this category. 1,000 W peak peak power helps prevent overload when reaching peak power. This product produced in electric wave without too much heat has a maximum efficiency of 85% and a harmonic distortion of less give 3%.

It’s on the better side but for this range of power and quality it’s good value for money.

Its commercial-grade design makes it suitable for emergency backup and long periods of continuous use. The device clean with reliable energy, ideal for powering sensitive devices such as stereos, televisions to home office equipment. Temperature-controlled cooling fan helps reduce power consumption. It has built-in GFCI AC plugs and specially designed battery terminals with pin connector that make it safe to use.

Samlex America PST60S12A 600W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • Protection systems include input undervoltage, input overvoltage, over temperature,
  • overload and short circuit.
  • Low power consumption in standby
  • Comes with pin-type battery cable terminals
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Built-in electronic GFCI


  • Provides a solid 1000w peak
  • 2 three-pin sockets
  • Integrated security features


  • No USB port
  • On the expensive side
  • Battery inputs are not standard
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3. UFire 600w Inverter

This unit is your best option if you need an inverter to run a brushed motor tool. This is a relatively good product for a reasonable price. It comes with 2 power outlets and 2 USB ports that allow simultaneous charging. The UFire inverter has a maximum power of 900w and a continuous power of 600 watts. It has smart IC technology that automatically detects your devices to deliver fast charging speed.

A great price for this range of power and features.

It has a safe charging design that provides protection against overcharging, reverse overheating, over and under voltage. It comes with an in-car cigarette lighter socket and battery clips that plug directly into your vehicle’s battery.

UFire 600W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Converter with 4.8A Dual USB Ports and Dual AC Outlets Smart Charger Travel Kit Portable Adapter -Red

  • 【POWERFUL INVERTER】 Provides 600 watts of continuous DC to AC and 900 watts of peak power
  • INTELLIGENT CHARGING】 Smart IC technology automatically detects your devices to deliver the fastest charging speed up to 4.8 amps
  • 【COMPATIBLE】Equipped with 2 power outlets to charge larger devices, such as electric cars, computers, emergency cameras and appliances, industrial equipment, satellite communications equipment, military vehicles, ships, laptops, breast pumps, nebulizers, game consoles, Kindle, TV, DVD players, lighting, iPad, GPS and other electronic devices, as well as 2×2.4A dual USB ports for mobile phones and tablets
  • 【SUPER COMPACT】 Saves space and is easy to store in the glove compartment or on the armrest. Comes with a 39.3″ in-car cigarette lighter and 23.6″ black/red battery clips to plug into the cigarette lighter or connect directly to your 12V vehicle battery
  • 【MULTI-PROTECTIVE SAFETY】 Safe charging design provides protection against reversing, overheating, overload, undervoltage and overvoltage, overcurrent to protect your connected equipment, built-in fuses and cooling fans, an illuminated power switch indicates status


  • Multiple charge outputs
  • Cheap
  • Smart charging


  • Fairly low peak peak of 900W
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4. Soyond 600w Car Power Inverter

This is another inexpensive option in this category. It has two power outlets and USB ports and can be used to operate equipment such as electric lighting, televisions, kitchen appliances, radio, power tools, etc. It has a maximum power of 1200w and a continuous AC power of 600w. It comes with 2 external fuses that help protect your device.

The price is comparable to comparable products in the same range.

It has a built-in low-noise cooling fan that helps prevent shortages and reduces heat. The aluminum alloy shell makes it durable. The advanced protection system helps prevent reverse overload, overcurrent, overheating, short circuit, over and under voltage.

3000W Power Inverter Charger Pure Sine Wave Converter with AC Charger DC 12V in to AC 110V Out for Home Car RV Off-Grid Solar System

  • The pure sine wave inverter is a combination inverter. Battery charger and AC automatic transfer switch in a complete system with a maximum conversion efficiency of 88%. Professional solution for off-grid systems, perfect combination of UPS and low voltage inverter, self-consumption less than 50% than frequency inverter.
  • Adjustable charging current: The maximum charging current can be adjusted from 0% to 100% using a coating switch to the right of the battery type selector. This is useful if you are using our powerful charger on a small capacity battery bank. The cladding switch can effectively reduce the maximum load current to 20% of its peak. Selecting “0” on the battery type selector will disable the charging function.
  • AC/Battery Priority: Our inverter is designed with AC priority by default, when AC input is present, the battery will be charged first, and the inverter will transfer AC input to power the load. The inverter can be easily adjusted for battery priority via a DIP switch. If you choose battery priority, the battery inverter will reverse despite the AC input.
  • Auto Gen Start: The inverter can be adjusted to start a generator when the battery voltage is low. When the inverter goes into low battery alarm, it can send a signal to start a generator and turn off the generator after the battery is charged. . The auto-generate launch feature only works with generators designed to work with this feature.
  • Protections: AC input over voltage protection / AC input low voltage protection / Low battery alarm / High battery alarm / Overheat protection / Overcharge protection Short circuit protection (1s after failure) / Feedback protection


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Various protections
  • Durable housing


  • It is a modified sine wave inverter
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5. AIMS Power 600 Watts Inverter

This is a great medium sized pure sine wave inverter. This device is ideal for a variety of uses, such as powering a CPAP or charging your smartphone, laptop and other portable electronic devices. It has a USB port and dual power outlets. This product delivers 600 watts of continuous power and 1200 watts of peak power.

A great price for an inverter in this power range.

It has a built-in fan that protects it from overheating. The audible alarm sounds when the battery is low and turns off automatically after a while. The lightweight and portable design makes it easy to transport and store.

AIMS Power 600 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger 12V

  • Output waveform: pure sine wave / same as input (bypass mode)
  • Low battery alarm: 10.5Vdc-11.0Vdc
  • High voltage alarm: 16.0V DC
  • GFCI output
  • Automatic generation start option


  • Compact size
  • Large peak flow capacity
  • Easy to use and store


  • Fan noise
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6. Go Power GP-600 Inverter

This device is a high quality inverter that is reliable and efficient. It is ideal for running smaller off-grid AC loads such as laptops, smartphones, game consoles and other low-power devices. The long power cord that comes with this unit makes it easy to place it in the back seat of your car. It has 2 power outlets and a USB port for easy charging. It has an intelligent control system with an LED display that shows the consumption of the inverter, the voltage of the battery. It also has an LED display that indicates over temperature or overload.

Another inverter that offers great value for this power range.

This unit allows you to control standard AC appliances when you are not on the mains during travel trips. You can easily plug the inverter into any 12-volt accessory outlet to run AC devices on battery power. It has a quiet cooling fan that helps prevent overheating. It also has overload protection, thermal protection and low voltage alarm shutdown. This device has a power saving mode that makes idle consumption very low.

Go Power! GP-600 600-Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter

  • 600 watts continuous power
  • Use GP-DC-KIT2 for easy connection to battery
  • 2 sockets to plug in
  • Overvoltage, Undervoltage and Overload Protections
  • 1 year warranty


  • Intelligent control system
  • light
  • Easy to use


  • Low peak power of 860 watts
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7. Giandel 600w Car Power Inverter

The Giandel 600w inverter provides 600w continuous power and 1200w maximum power that allows you to install multiple electronic devices in your truck, car, boat or solar system. It comes with 2 power outlets and 2 USB ports, ideal for charging cell phones, laptops, DVD players, tablets, TVs and other electronic devices under 600 watts. It has a multiple protection system that protects against low voltage, overload, overheating, high voltage and short circuit.

About the average for this power range.

This unit has a built-in smart cooling fan that helps to prevent shortages and reduce heat. It has a strong and durable aluminum alloy housing that provides advanced protection against bumps and drops.

Giandel 1600Watt Power Inverter Modified Wave DC 12volt to AC 120volt with Remote Control & LED Display and 2.4A USB Port for Trucks Boats RV & Emergency

▶ Giandel 1600 WATT POWER INVERTER ◀ Provides 1600W DC to AC continuous power, with 2 AC outputs and 2.4A USB port for multi-function charging, more powerful than 1500W inverter.
▶ MULTIPLE OUTLETS ◀ Equipped with 2 x 120 volt AC outputs and 2.4 A USB port, ideal for powering less than 1600 watt devices such as TV, heater, fans, DVD players, lighting, washing machine and other electronic devices
▶ FULL PROTECTION ◀ This 1600W inverter has multiple protections: over voltage, overload, over current, under voltage, overheating, short circuit. The LED display will indicate HI, OL or OH when under protection.
▶ MORE CONVENIENT ◀ Remote Control: Control the inverter on/off from 5 meters away. Smart Cooling Fan: The built-in fast cooling fan will not start working until the temperature is above 104℉.
▶ WHAT YOU GET ◀ 1x 1600W inverter, 1x free remote, 2x battery cables, 1x user manual, a 15ft wired remote. Our AIG covers product liability. 18 months warranty and friendly customer service.


  • Multiple charging function
  • 1,200 watts peak power
  • Durable and robust


  • Sockets are too close together, making it difficult to connect multiple items
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8. E-Lion 600w Power Inverter

This device has 2 power outlets and 1 USB port that allows multifunctional charging. Dual outlets are perfect for charging larger devices such as tablets and laptops. The high surge capacity makes it possible to power televisions and other devices with inductive loads. It has a safe charging design that provides protection against short circuit, overheating, overcharging, overcharging, undercharging and overvoltage.

It is in the highest price range for this power range.

The lightweight design makes it ideal for use on business trips, vacations and camping. It has a built-in cooling fan that helps reduce heat while avoiding shortages. Durable metal housing protects against drops and bumps.

E-LION 600W Power Inverter DC 12V,Output 110V-120V AC Car Inverter with USB Car Adapter

  • Provides 600 watts of continuous DC to AC power, with 2 power outlets and 1 USB port for multi-purpose charging.
  • Dual 110V AC outputs for charging larger devices such as laptops and tablets, USB charging port for powering USB compatible devices. High peak current capacity for star TVs, motors and other inductive loads.
  • Compact size, lightweight and high efficiency – Ideal design for use on vacation, business travel and camping.
  • Multiple Protection: Safe charging design provides protection against overheating, low and high voltage charging, short circuit, overload and overload.
  • Built-in cooling fans help reduce heat and prevent shortages. The durable metal housing offers advanced protection against drops and bumps. 12 months warranty and sincere email support.


  • Compact size
  • High efficiency
  • light
  • Cheap


  • It does not come with a cigarette lighter cord or alligator clips.
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9. UPEOR 600W Power Inverter

This unit delivers 600 watts of continuous AC power and a maximum power of 1200 watts. The outlet can charge larger devices such as laptops, cameras, game consoles, televisions, DVD players, and other electronic devices. It has two USB charging ports where you can charge your tablets and mobile phone. Other features include a safety fuse, a built-in cooling fan and an illuminated on/off switch to indicate the status.


It is in the highest price range for this power range.

Smart CI technology helps detect your device automatically to deliver fast charging speed. It has a safe charging design that protects overheating, overcurrent, overcharging, over- and under-voltage. It comes with a long cigarette lighter plug and battery clips. It is ideal for use in remote workplaces, vacations and camping trips.


  • Smart charging
  • Reliable idea for a cooling fan
  • LED indicator
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Only 1 socket
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10. Xantrex Prowatt 600w Inverter

This is a sine wave inverter with a digital display that shows the output power and the DC volts. This compact, easy-to-use inverter is ideal for use in RVs, commercial trucks and marine applications. It has 2 power outlets with a USB port that allows for occupation. The remote on/off switch that comes with this device helps with ignition key hearing.

It is in the highest price range for this power range.

The design makes it easy to move and transport. This device features two GFCI AC outlets, debt and heavy-duty impacts designed to be safe and easier to use. This is a solid, reliable and dependable one that is sure to come in handy on your travels.

Xantrex 806-1206 Inverter, PROwatt SW 600W 12V True-Sine

  • COMPACT: Lightweight and small, the PROwatt SW true sine wave inverter is efficiently designed for 12V battery banks, delivering clean and constant power for sensitive electronic devices. It is an affordable alternative to modified sine wave inverters.
  • QUALITY POWER: Delivers optimal continuous power, making it ideal for large single loads, intermittent loads or multiple smaller loads. Ability to reliably power CPAP machines, electronic appliances, coffee makers, small power tools, microwave ovens and is perfect for boats, RVs, work trucks or commercial vehicles.
  • EASY TO USE: The built-in digital display provides information about system performance, such as input voltage and output power. The PROwatt SW has two GFCI outputs and a USB port, for easy use of modern electronics.
  • SAFE: UL458 approved with CSA, FCC and marine supplement requirements. For easier troubleshooting, the PROwatt SW has fault and power signals to indicate possible line voltage, overheating or overload.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – DC connectors conveniently located on the back of the inverter. Includes bolts and nuts. Minimal tools are required for installation.


  • LCD digital display
  • Heavy terminals
  • Built-in convenience ports


  • Expensive
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