[2022] Top 8 Best 4000 Watt Power Inverter Reviews

Microwave ovens, washing machines, hairdryers, and refrigerators are among the heavy-duty applications that can be powered by 4000-watt inverters.

As a result, they make ideal portable power sources. During a power outage, you can continue to operate certain devices until electricity is restored using this inverter as an emergency power source.

To help you make an informed purchase decision, we reviewed some of the best 4000-watt inverters.


[2022] Top 8 Best 4000 Watt Power Inverter Reviews

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Top Pick

AIMS Power 4000 Watt 12 VDC to 120 VAC Pure Sine Inverter Charger w/12KW Surge


AIMS – Inversor o cargador de onda sinusoidal pura de 4000 Watts, 12VDC 240 VCA, entrada a 120 y 240 VCA, salida de 50 o 60 HZ Check On Amazon

SUNGOLDPOWER 4000W Peak 12000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter


SUNGOLDPOWER 4000 W Peak12000 W DC 12 V inversor de onda sinusoidal pura cargador de entrada de CA de 240 V salida CA 120 V/240 V convertidor de energía solar de baja frecuencia con LCD Check On Amazon

GIANDEL 4000W Heavy Duty Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter


GIANDEL 4000W Heavy Duty Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter DC12V to AC120V with 4 AC Outlets with Remote Control 2.4A USB and LED Display Check On Amazon

Magnum Energy MS4024 Inverter/Charger


Magnum MS4024 – Inversor sinusoidal (4000 W, 24 V) Check On Amazon

XYZ INVT 4000w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter


XYZ INVT Inversor de onda sinusoidal pura de 4000 W, 12 V a 110 V, 120 V, CA, convertidor de potencia de 8000 W, para sistema solar. (4000 W, 12 V CC a 120 V CA) Check On Amazon

Energizer 4000 Watt 12V Power Inverter


Energizer 1100 Watt Power Inverter Modified Sine Wave Car Inverter, 12V to 110 Volts, Two AC Outlets, Two USB Ports (2.4 Amps), Hardwire Kit, Battery Cables Included, ETL Approved Under UL STD 458 Check On Amazon

WZRELB Reliable 4000W Solar Power Inverter


WZRELB – Reliable 4000W Solar Power Inverter from 12V DC to 120V AC, with Pure Sine Wave Inverter LED Display Check On Amazon

GTPOWER 4000W Peak 12000W Pure Sine Wave Split Phase Power Inverter


SUNGOLDPOWER 4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 12VDC Low Frequency, 240VAC Input, 120VDC Output, 50/60Hz Split with Off Grid Battery Charger, 12000W Peak Check On Amazon


An inverter with 4000 watts can run what?

Inverters power everything from laptops to refrigerators with their 4000W power. It is capable of handling a combined load of up to 4000 watts.

Most electrical appliances use a certain amount of power; this helps you determine how much power they use. Their labels provide this information.

To keep inverters functioning properly, they should be able to handle 15-20% overload for a short period of time.

What is the maximum power that an inverter can drive when the AC motor is 1.5 horses?

Powering a 1.5 horsepower water pump with a 4000 watt inverter should be no problem. The pumps should consume only about 1200-1300 watts in continuous operation, depending on the motor efficiency.

An inverter can control that maximum consumption, up to a certain power limit, so the motor will start fine, but it may take a little longer to catch up when it consumes 4 to 5 times its continuous power, which would be about 5000 to 6000 watts.

Inverters of 4000 watts draw what number of amps?

Using inverters, electrical appliances are powered by 12V DC.

A 4000 watt inverter will draw the following amount of current:

The formula for power is Watts x Volts x Amps

This converter draws 36.4 amps at 4000 W (4000/110)

Best 4000 Watt Power Inverter Reviews

1. AIMS Power 4000 Watt 12 VDC to 120 VAC Pure Sine Inverter Charger w/12KW Surge

Providing 4000 watts of pure sine wave power, the Aims Power 4000W inverter is perfect for electronic devices and home appliances.

With its 12000 watt peak power, the inverter can sustain its power for up to 20 seconds. These batteries are ideal for appliances like refrigerators, fans, and microwaves that require high starting energy.

There is no doubt that this is one of the best 4000 watt inverters available. This device has 2 GFCI protected outputs, a wired port, and protection functions such as overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, and overload protection.

As a whole, this device offers excellent value for the money.

In an RV, car, SUV, truck, or during a power outage, this can power a laptop, hair dryer, microwave, or other consumer electronics. It may be expensive, but when you consider that this is not only an inverter, but also a battery charger, its sticker should disappear.

AIMS Power PICOGLF40W12V120V 4000 Watt and 12,000 Watt Surge 12 VDC Input to 120 VAC Output Pure Sine Inverter Charger Backup Power

  • The charger offers four different battery technologies including lead, gel, AGM, lithium ion, and more including 4000W continuous, 12000W for 20 seconds, 33 amps, 120VAC clean sine wave, low frequency, automatic transfer switch, and 115A smart battery charger.
  • Protects against overloading, overheating, high voltage, low voltage, short circuits, low-voltage and high-voltage alarms, as well as cooling fans and an insulated neutral.
  • The product features AC Direct Connect terminal blocks, charge current controllers, priority switches, auto-build/start functions, conformal coating, and power conservation modes. Cables are only required once. A remote control is optional.
  • Ideal for automatic, off-grid and backup power from and to shore / generator / generator and inverter. Used on boats, RVs, solar panels, work trucks and mobile businesses. Commercial.
  • TRUST GOALS: Enjoy your purchase. We’ve been around for more than 20 years. Our support covers all of Nevada.


  • 20 seconds at 12000 watts
  • with a DIP switch
  • attached


  • Overheating has been reported in some cases
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2. SUNGOLDPOWER 4000W Peak 12000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Sungoldpower inverters convert direct current into clean and stable alternating current. A 12v battery can be used to run power tools, refrigerators, and various appliances directly from your battery.

The device will turn off automatically if the battery is low, there is a short circuit, there is an overload of voltage, or if the temperature gets too high.

You can use it to power your TV, game consoles, laptops, microwaves, power tools, and other electronic devices because it has two power outlets and two USB ports. In addition, it has an LED light that indicates when the inverter is malfunctioning.

It is in line with what you would expect from this investor.

Designed with high quality materials and exceptional cooling, this inverter prevents internal components from overheating. With this inverter, you can travel for extended periods of time and go on adventures.

SUNGOLDPOWER 4000w Peak 12000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter Power Inverter, Solar Inverter DC 48V AC Output 110V 220V 230V 240V Converter LCD Remote Control With 35A Battery Charger


  • Screens well
  • and includes essential accessories
  • Inverters that provide pure sine waves


  • We haven’t encountered any cons yet
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3. GIANDEL 4000W Heavy Duty Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

For multifunctional charging, it has four sockets and one USB port. Remotely turning on/off the inverter is possible with this inverter’s keyfob remote control.

Additionally, this device comes with heavy-duty ports and terminals designed to enhance safety and ease of use. In addition, the inverter has a cooling fan to keep it running efficiently.

For an inverter with this power, the price is very reasonable.

Giandel’s 4000watt Power Inverter features an aluminum alloy housing and is designed to give heavy-duty service. Displays output power and DC voltage on the built-in digital display.

GIANDEL 4000W Heavy Duty Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter DC12V to AC120V with 4 AC Outlets with Remote Control 2.4A USB and LED Display

  • Inverter with Diode Display, True Sine Wave, 8000 Watts Peak Power, 12V DC, 120V AC Outputs, USB Port, and four AC Outputs – Giandel 4000W Heavy Duty Inverter with Diode Display, 8000 Watts Peak Power, 12V DC, 120V AC Outputs, 1×2.4A USB Port
  • It’s more convenient to control the inverter with a remote control when using it on motorhomes, trucks, cars, and solar systems
  • The device can be used inside and outside, making it ideal for RVs, boats, and emergency situations. Includes four multifunction emergency sockets.
  • Good for trips, camping, etc. Hurricanes, storms, blackouts, and other emergencies require a 4000 W heavy duty generator.
  • Protects against overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short circuit, overheating, and polarity reversal (fuse). The GND system allows for automatic reset in the event of a power surge (lightning). Insurance is provided by AIG.
  • Design of an isolated inlet/outlet and soft start system combined with a large, durable aluminum alloy housing provides advanced protection against drops and bumps, and a cooling fan that reduces heat and prevents shortages.


  • There are four standard sockets
  • built to last
  • a lifetime


  • A loud fan has been reported by some
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4. Magnum Energy MS4024 Inverter/Charger

It features two AC outlets and is designed to handle high voltage surges and protect charging devices. There is an on/off indicator light and it plugs easily into any 12 volt outlet.

On the LCD, all the protections are displayed, including overload temperature and short circuit protections. You can also see the voltage input and output as well as battery capacity on the LCD screen.

An inverter and charger of this power would cost about this amount.

Inverters made of aluminum are durable and convenient for traveling. Magnum Energy’s 4000w power inverters are anodized aluminum. As a result, it is suitable for use with a variety of household appliances.

Magnum MS4024 4000W 24V True-Sine Inverter/Charger

  • Fishing equipment: type of product
  • Dimensions (in centimeters): 45,465 L x 38,354 W x 36,068 H
  • Weight (in kilograms): 27,805
  • The origin of this product is China


  • Mounting options
  • Easy-to-use switches
  • Installation is simple


  • The investigation has been extensive.
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5. XYZ INVT 4000w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

As a power inverter, it provides continuous power of 4000 watts and instant power of 8000 watts.

Two 110-volt outlets are available to charge laptops and tablets. There is a 24-inch cigarette lighter socket on the inverter, so it can be connected to almost all vehicles.

An inverter/charger of this power would cost about this much.

Overheating, low and high voltage charging, as well as short circuit protection are provided by this inverter. This inverter is protected against bumps and drops by a durable metal housing.

XYZ INVT Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 3500W / 7000W (Peak) Car Caravan RV Camping Boat DC 12V Inverter Soft Start 12V DC to AC 110V DC Inverter Converter with LCD Display



  • Capacity is large! A true sine wave inverter with a power rating of 3500 watts continuous, 7000 watts peak, converts 12V DC power to 120V AC and charges your battery and devices while being plugged into the AC cable, an excellent choice as a back-up power source!
  • Multi-device support! LED displays give you real-time information about your system. Connectivity options include live, neutral line, and ground.
  • Campers, RV’s, trucks, cars, off-grid solar power systems, and home appliances are among the applications. It can provide power to your laptop, digital camera, fan, game console, GPS, LED light, lamps, drawings, etc. by transferring DC power from battery to AC power.
  • During the 12 month warranty period, we offer 100% customer service and supply one * Power Inverter, two sets of battery cables, a user manual, various fuses, and a 12 months warranty.


  • Interference is low
  • and easily controlled
  • Lightweight and durable


  • There is no USB port
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6. Energizer 4000 Watt 12V Power Inverter

Energizer’s rugged inverter is a great choice.

Power tools, televisions, microwave ovens, game consoles, and electronics in your vehicle can be powered directly by your 12V DC battery with this model.

This unit’s LCD display lets you know how much power or voltage the unit is producing as well as the battery level.

A very reasonable price for such a powerful and high-quality inverter.

Powerful and equipped with all the features you need, the Energizer Power Inverter is a must-have for any home. This inverter has a continuous power capacity of up to 4000 watts and a peak capacity of 8000 watts, so you don’t have to worry about having insufficient power when you’re away from home.

Energizer 12V Power Inverter



  • Multiple devices can be powered
  • with a power meter
  • Compact and durable design


  • Cables are short according to some reports
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7. WZRELB Reliable 4000W Solar Power Inverter

When you have a power-hungry device that requires a lot of power for continuous operation, the WZRELB Power Inverter is a great choice.

This inverter can handle a lot due to its 4000 continuous watts and 8000 peak watts of power.

Despite not being a top product, the reliable WZRELB Power Inverter is quite decent in terms of quality. Your equipment is safe with its copper inductors of high quality.

Considering the power and quality of this inverter, the price is very reasonable.

With this inverter, you can power up your motorhome wherever you are. It also features an LED display that makes monitoring energy consumption simple.

WZRELB Reliable 4000W Solar Power Inverter 12VDC to 120V AC Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter LED Display

  • Solar inverter with continuous power of 4000W and peak power of 8000W for as good as mains power, power backup system for home use.
  • Smart Temperature Control Cooling Fan that converts 12VDC to 120VAC and 60Hz frequency. Ground connections on PCB and output. LCD display.
  • Pure sine wave AC output is guaranteed by real copper inductance and a filter waveform. Strong conductivity mosfets are used.
  • The circuit board has a thickness of 2.00mm, which allows a stronger current to flow and increases the load capacity. Provides a stable and fully functional AC output by converting DC to high-frequency AC;
  • Includes spare battery cables.


  • System of silent cooling
  • with extra thick circuit boards that significantly improve the charging capacity of the inverter
  • Affordable


  • Voltage sensitivity is a little bit higher
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8. GTPOWER 4000W Peak 12000W Pure Sine Wave Split Phase Power Inverter

An inverter is a device that converts DC power into AC power, which can be used to supply you with AC power.

With low harmonic distortion, it provides continuous power of 4000 watts and peak power of 12000 watts.

In case of emergency power outages, you can use this inverter to ensure the maximum efficiency of computers and sensitive equipment.

Inverters of this power come at a mid-high price but still represent a great value.

GT Power Inverters are some of the most powerful inverters on the market and are ideal for loads that require a clean AC source such as sensitive loads or large loads. Even for appliances and equipment that require a large initial consumption, this unit provides pure sinusoidal electricity that meets or exceeds the quality of the local grid current.

GTPOWER 4000W Peak 12000W Pure Sine Wave Split Phase Power Inverter With Charger 35A,DC 48V AC Output 120V 240V Converter LCD Remote Control



  • Inverter for low-frequency pure sine waves
  • that can switch between AC and batteries
  • Waterproof marina


  • Overheating has been reported in some cases
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