Best 15000 Watt Power Inverters

If you are looking for a 15000 watt inverter to meet your needs, you may face some difficulties.

Unfortunately, higher capacity inverters are harder to come by as most of them are built with lower capacity to meet the needs of those who need to be more mobile or off-grid.

However, we managed to find one that we reviewed today. Here’s what you need to know.

Lack of Options on the Market

Unfortunately, the number of 15000W inverter options currently on the market is minimal or zero. After extensive research, we even managed to find one model that everyone seems to sell.

15000W inverters are not very sought after or in demand, which is in fact the reason why fewer people have manufactured and stocked inverters of this capacity.

But if you’re looking for an inverter that can meet all your needs (at least up to 15,000 watts of continuous power), rest assured that there is at least one product for our consideration.

Can 15000 Watt Power Inverters Run Commercial Appliances?

In general, the actual capacity of an inverter, or rather the wattage in which it operates comfortably, is about 15-20% less than what it says on the label. A 15,000 watt inverter will therefore work comfortably between 12,000 and 12,750 watts. You can of course use 15,000 watts continuously, but ideally you don’t want to go over the limit that way. In most cases, it’s just best to keep the comfortable capacity range.

Given the actual power of 12000 to 12750 watts, we can now assume that a 15000W inverter can in fact power both commercial appliances and heavy power tools. You should even be able to run several at once, if you want. 12000 watts is enough power to run an entire kitchen at once, or to run your air conditioner and shower heater at the same time.

What are 15000 Watt Power Inverters Recommended For?

While these inverters have the ability to power many electronic devices and appliances at the same time, the simple fact is that they will burn out from a battery power source in no time. Therefore, we recommend inverters of this capacity only for use with solar panel systems, or with a combination of solar and battery systems. As long as you can determine your own power supply, these inverters can generally be used for any purpose.

We especially recommend this inverter for people who live in small houses or recreational vehicles that run on solar energy. We can also recommend it for those who have businesses that need a backup power source should the need arise.

Review of our favorite 15000 watt inverters

1. SUNGOLDPOWER 15000 Watt Split Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Frankly speaking, this product is the only one we’ve come across with a power of 15,000 watts (45,000 W peak), in any case the only thing we would recommend. This inverter is a combination unit that acts as an inverter, AC charger, Mppt solar charger and automatic transfer switch. While the price might make you pause, know that this device is packed with unique and amazing features that make it worth it.

This inverter has a low frequency and is designed to have standard AC priority. So when an AC input is detected, the battery will be charged first and the inverter will transfer the input power to power the load you need. However, there is a battery priority switch in case you need to reverse this process.

The SUNGOLDPOWER 15000W inverter comes with a charger that is quite powerful, up to (depending on the model) 100 amps. This unit has an overload capacity of 300% of 45000W for a duration of up to 20 seconds. This overload capability allows the drive to operate more reliably with equipment and tools without fluctuations or interruptions.

This device can power things such as circular saws, grinders, drills, polishers, sanders, hedge trimmers and weed trimmers, computers, air compressors, monitors, printers, fax machines, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, air conditioning units, refrigerators, coffee makers, toasters. , blenders, electric cookers, audio equipment, satellite equipment and more. What can this inverter not use with 12-15000w power?

If you are concerned that the capacity of your battery source is small, don’t worry. Fortunately, this device has a coating switch (to the right of the battery type selector switch) that allows you to adjust the maximum charge current.

In terms of features you can expect the following: automatic generator start (or AGS), smart remote control, solar panel support with mppt function, 8 presets for battery type selector, desulfation for batteries that are completely empty, 4- smart step / smart battery charging and power factor correction. It is a pure sine wave inverter and has several protection systems to give you peace of mind. It also comes with a standard 1 year warranty.

Unfortunately, this product is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, costing thousands. However, it is the only viable option on the market and has taken over this particular niche. However, with all the features included, the price is worth it and it is certainly justified.

We definitely give the thumbs up to the SUNGOLDPOWER 15000W inverter – it has a lot of features to match its high capacity. The price might be a bit disappointing, but all the included features more than make up for it, frankly.

SUNGOLDPOWER 15000W Peak 45000W Split Phase Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter,Low Frequency Inverter DC 48V AC Input 240V AC Output 120V 240V Converter, with 40A MPPT Solar Charger Controller 15KW

  • The LF-PV series pure sine wave inverter is a combination of inverter, AC charger, Mppt solar charger and automatic transfer switch in one complete system. Packed with unique features, it is one of the most advanced inverter/chargers in the world. market today
  • Our inverter is designed with AC priority by default. This means that when the AC input is present, the battery is charged first and the inverter transfers the AC input to power the load. The AC priority and battery priority switch is SW5. battery despite AC input
  • The LF-PV series inverter is equipped with a powerful charger up to 120 A (depending on the model). The overload capacity is 300% of continuous output for up to 20 seconds to reliably support tools and equipment for longer. The maximum charge current can be adjusted from 0% to 100% using a coating switch to the right of the battery type selector switch. This is useful if you are using our powerful charger on a small capacity battery bank.
  • Features: smart remote control, automatic generator start (AGS), support solar panel with MPPT function. Selector of 8 preset battery types plus desulphurization for fully discharged batteries. 4-step smart battery charging, PFC (Power Factor Correction) for charger. Typical 8ms transfer time between utility and battery, ensuring power continuity. 15s delay for transfer when AC resume, protection for load when used with generator
  • Application: for all kinds of load: circular saws, drills, grinders, sanders, polishers, weed and hedge trimmers, air compressors, computers, printers, monitors, fax machines, scanners, vacuum cleaners, fans, fluorescent and light bulbs, shavers. , sewing machines, coffee makers, blenders, ice cream markers, toasters, metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, televisions, VCRs, video games, stereos, musical instruments, satellite equipment, etc.


  • Multiple security systems and vaults.
  • LED displays and indicators to help you keep an eye on everything
  • Can feed many different things at once


  • Rather on the expensive side
  • Best for solar power, but can still be used with batteries
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