Best 12000 Watt Power Inverter Reviews

Finding a high-capacity backup power supply or inverter that can handle all your power-hungry electronics can be a daunting task. But if you want to use appliances and other electrical appliances with a high energy requirement, a 12000 watt inverter may be the type you are looking for.

Inverters of this capacity can power almost everything from kitchen appliances to laundry appliances and even your power tools.

The 12000 watt inverters can also run multiple of these powerful devices at once, which is great when a backup power supply is needed. If you want to use this inverter with a solar energy source, it’s perfect for that too.

To help you choose which investor is best for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive list below.

What can a 12000 watt inverter run?

Choosing the right inverter model is very important because you want one that meets all your power needs. If you want to use several heavy and energy consuming devices, then a 12000 watt inverter is definitely the type you are looking for.

12000W is on the higher end of the power when it comes to inverters, meaning you can run multiple refrigerators, multiple power tools, and various other kitchen appliances if you want. Of course, it can also power lighting, computers or even air conditioners.

As long as whatever you’re trying to use doesn’t exceed the inverter’s total capacity, you can power just about anything you need. So if you want to turn on lights and kitchen appliances (refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, maybe even stoves), you can.

However, it is important to note that you should pre-check the wattage of whatever you are trying to connect to the inverter. It is important not to overload the inverter, so you must ensure that the total power of the devices you are using does not exceed the capacity of the inverter. Device manufacturers put this information on their product labels to make it easier to find.

When buying an inverter, a general rule of thumb to keep in mind is that you want to buy an inverter with a nominal value of 15-20% more than the power you actually want. So if you want to use devices with a total of 9600-10200 watts, the 12000W inverter is perfect. If you want to use more than this, you may want to go for higher capacities as a 12000W inverter will run comfortably at 9600~10200.

Can I run commercial appliances with a 12000W power inverter?

A 12000 watt inverter is certainly suitable for larger/commercial devices. These devices often require about 1500-2500 W (each) to operate, but there are also some that require even more power. However, as long as the total of all units does not exceed 10200W, your 12000W inverter will run them all comfortably.

How many amps does a 12000 watt inverter draw?

The formula to obtain the current from an inverter is as follows:

Amperage = Watt / Volt

As such, a 12000W inverter has approximately the following amperage:

12000 / 110V = 109.09 amps

Reviews of our favorite 12000 watt inverters

1. SUNGOLDPOWER 12000W Power Inverter – Pure Sine Wave

This 12000 watt inverter is one of the best available on the market today. Not only is it a pure sine wave inverter (more efficient than modified wave), it is also an MPPT solar charger, AC charger and even automatic transfer switch in one.

This inverter has a low frequency and AC priority (default), which means when there is an AC input, the battery is charged first before the inverter transfers the input to power the load. You can choose the battery priority so that the inverter uses the battery before the AC input.

The SUNGOLDPOWER inverter is packed with features such as: smart remote control, support for solar panels with MPPT function, AGS (automatic generator start), four-step smart/smart battery charging and more.

Sungoldpower inverter is reasonably priced for such a large capacity inverter. However, it costs a little less than the other investors we’ve listed here.

With a peak power of 36000W, several special functions, an LED display that shows you the status of your power and inverter load, cooling fans and aluminum housing, the Sungoldpower 12000W inverter is probably one of the best on the market today. Since it’s a bit cheaper than the others on this list, we’re giving it 5 stars for the best return for the money.

GTPOWER 12000W Peak 36000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter, Low Frequency Inverter DC 48V AC Output 220V 230V 240V Converter, with 40A MPPT Solar Charger Controller,12kW

Item Dimensions LxWxH 23.15 x 16.34 x 7.87 inches
Item Weight 198.42 Pounds
Output Voltage 240 Volts
  • Peak at 36000W
  • Solar panel bracket
  • LED + LCD Display


  • It is currently only CE certified, they are still applying for UL listing
  • Moderately noisy cooling fan
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2. ZODORE HF Series 12000W Power Inverter

The ZODORE is also a pure sine wave inverter built to allow for a 300 percent increase in capacity for approximately 20 seconds, allowing it to handle devices with high startup peaks (up to 36000W). This inverter comes with a built-in battery converter charger (AC to DC), which allows you to charge your batteries from AC sources (normal household outlet and fuel generators).

This inverter can be used for solar applications, backup power/uninterruptible power supply, and on-grid or off-grid applications; can be used as you wish.

This inverter is also packed with features: automatic generator start function, adjustable dual frequency (50 or 60 Hz), high-performance transformer, load-sensing intelligent cooling fan, aluminum housing, LED display and more.

This inverter is a bit more expensive than the SUNGOLDPOWER inverter, but is still affordable and in the right price range for a 12000W inverter.

The Zodore Inverter is comparable in quality to the Sungoldpower Inverter mentioned above, but has its features that stand out. However, we give this investor a thumbs up.

HF Series ZODORE 12000w Peak 36000w Low Frequency Split Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Charger DC 48V AC 110V/220V Converter LED&LCD

1. The ZODORE HF 12000W 48 Volt Low Frequency Inverter Charger transforms DC (DC) energy stored by batteries into AC (AC) that can be used to run your various business tools and applications. This unit is a split-phase inverter suitable for 110/220 VAC. It works pretty much anywhere in the world, with the ability to automatically detect 50 or 60 Hz.
2. This unit has a direct connection terminal block, which allows a peak capacity of 300 percent for up to 20 seconds. When using the terminal block, this inverter reaches a maximum of 36,000 watts with the power to run most tools and equipment with high starting peaks.
3. This inverter also has a built-in AC to DC battery converter charger, which allows users to charge their battery bank from an AC source, such as a fuel generator, grounding outlet, or a normal home outlet. .
4. The built-in battery charger has a seven-type battery selector and 3-stage charging to charge your battery source safely and effectively.
5. Use this product anywhere for emergency, off-grid, mobile and renewable backup power applications.


  • 50/60 Hz detection and switching
  • Split phase, 110V or 240V outputs
  • Intelligent fans with load sensing


  • High price
  • Color may not be for everyone!
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3. MabelStar 12000W Power Inverter

This pure sine wave inverter also produces in split phase, allowing it to be used virtually anywhere in the world whether you need 110V or 240V. It has an LED and LCD display to keep track of how things are going. Like the rest of the inverters on this list, the MabelStar can also handle power peaks up to 36000W and can automatically detect between 60Hz and 50Hz.

The MabelStar 12000W inverter is about the price you’d expect – it’s in the middle, but still great value for money.

With features such as AGS (Automatic Generator Start), DC start, self-diagnosis function and charging speed up to 120 amps, MabelStar is an excellent choice in terms of value. It’s also designed to perform in tough conditions, making it a great option if you plan on using it in RVs or for similar purposes.

12000w Peak 36000w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Charger MabelStar HP Series DC Converter 120/240 Vac output Split Phase DC 48V LCD Display

  • This HP series low-frequency inverter charger converts direct current (direct current) energy stored by batteries into alternating current (alternating current) that can be used to run your various business tools and applications. By adopting the DIP switch (Dual Inline Package), the PC series provides smarter options for users to adjust the device performance. Perfect for small industrial applications where you need to rely on power under heavy loads.
  • This unit has a direct connection terminal block, which allows a peak capacity of 300 percent for up to 20 seconds. When using the terminal block, this inverter reaches a maximum of 36,000 watts with the power to run most tools and equipment with high starting peaks. This unit is a split-phase inverter suitable for 110/220 VAC. It works pretty much anywhere in the world, with the ability to automatically detect 50 or 60 Hz.
  • HIGH LIGHT: Automatic generator start (AGS), Designed for use in harsh environments, DC start and automatic self-diagnosis function, Compatible with linear and non-linear load, Easy to install and easy to operate and easy to solve, Low supports DC voltage – and office equipment, powerful charging speed up to 120 amps, selectable from 0% to 100%.
  • ADVANCED: High efficiency design and “Energy Saving Mode” to save energy, Battery priority mode, Indicates inverter’s preferred UPS configuration, 13 VDC battery recovery point, Renewable energy system specific, 8 preset battery type selectors plus desulfation for fully discharged batteries, 4-step smart battery charging, PFC (power factor correction) for charger, typical 8 ms transfer time between mains and battery, guaranteed energy
  • This inverter also has a built-in AC-to-DC battery converter charger, which allows users to charge their battery bank from an AC source such as a fuel generator, a grounded outlet, or a normal household outlet. LCD display, also has 17 alarms/alerts for easy operation and troubleshooting. You can also select/deselect power saving mode. Powerful charging speed up to 120A, selectable from 0% to 100% PFC (Power Factor Correction) for charger, less power consumption than conventional units.


  • Built for tough conditions
  • Built-in AC>DC Battery Converter Charger
  • High charging speed (up to 120 amps)


  • Color can put some people off!
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4. AIMS 12000W Power Inverter

The AIMS inverter, unlike the other inverters on this list, is a modified sine wave inverter. The main advantage over the other products on this list is the price: it’s almost half the price of the other inverters on the list. However, this product can only handle peaks up to 24000W. The AIMS inverter is still packed with features and is still a good choice, especially if you don’t really need to use it for industrial purposes.

The AIMS 12000W Power Inverter is a great value and value for money.

With multiple safety features such as short circuit protection, overload protection, overheating protection and more, this inverter is truly the product of choice if you are looking for value. The AIMS 12000W Power Inverter is the choice for those who do not intend to use it for heavy or industrial purposes. It’s great for powering an entire home and for use with off-grid solar panel solutions.

  • POWERFUL: 12,000 W maximum continuous power, 24,000 W peak voltage, soft start technology, optional remote control available. AC Direct Connect Terminal Block
  • PROTECTIONS: Overload, over temperature, high voltage, under voltage, short circuit, low and high voltage alarm with internal fuses, cooling fan and insulated RCD
  • FEATURES: Works with appliances, tools, motors, compressors, pumps and more, up to 100 amps. Volt and ammeters monitor the performance of your inverter. LED indicators. Robust DC terminals and ground terminal
  • TRUST GOALS: Buy with confidence. Active in the investment world for over 20 years. All Nevada Supported Sales, Warranty, and Technical Support
  • APPLICATIONS: Ideal for off-grid or backup power systems using a 24V battery(ies) in homes, boats, cabins, solar, car builders and OEM applications.


  • Aluminum housing
  • Much cheaper than other options
  • Four outputs


  • Can only handle spans up to 24000 W. at
  • Only has volts and amps meters, no LED/LCD display
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