10000 Watt Inverter – What Will They Run, Product Reviews & Recommendations

A 10,000 watt inverter is suitable for off-grid applications, renewable solar, remote job sites, cabins, RVs and other heavy duty applications as well as a wide variety of other applications.

They can be used to power a wide variety of appliances and devices and are the ideal power solution for those emergency power situations and can serve as a power source when you are on the go.

In this article, we’ve done an in-depth review of the best 10,000-watt inverters currently available to guide you in making an informed purchase decision.

What Can a 10000w Inverter Run?

10,000-watt inverters can be used to power the sump pump and keep it running during the storm. This range of inverters can also be used to run a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner.

It can be used for power tools such as circular saws and miter saws. It can be used to power water heater, freezer, well pump, microwave oven, electric grill and other appliances.

Will a 10000w Inverter Run a Refrigerator?

A typical 10,000 watt inverter can provide 10,000 watts of continuous AC power and 20,000 watts of peak power. This power is more than enough to run a typical 16 cubic meter refrigerator without any problems.

You need to know how much DC battery capacity you need to have on hand to run your refrigerator. To do this, first convert the AC watts from the refrigerator to DC amplifiers. Usually the starting power does not last long enough to count.

To determine the DC amps, divide the AC power watts by 12 and multiply what you get by 1.1. A refrigerator that requires 60 watts AC draws 55 amps DC.

How Many Amps Does a 10,000 Watts Inverter Draw?

Inverters convert 12V DC from batteries into 110V AC to run electrical appliances.

The current drawn by a 10,000 watt inverter can be calculated as follows:

Watts (Power) = Volts (Voltage) X Amps (Current)

Current drawn by a 10,000 W (10,000 / 110) A = 90.9 amps

Reviews of our favorite 10,000 watt inverter

1. Aims Power 10,000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger

This is a 10000 watt low frequency pure sine wave inverter that converts the DC input power of the battery into AC. This can be used to run various devices and tools. It can power devices with high starting power, such as compressors and pumps, with ease through its maximum power of 20,000 for no more than 20 seconds. This inverter has a built-in AC to DC battery charger (DC input) that can be used to charge a battery from an AC source, such as a fuel generator or household outlet.

It has a 100 amp smart charger that comes with 7 different settings and a 3-stage charging capability. This ensures safe and efficient charging of the battery source. This inverter also has automatic frequency detection to operate at 50 or 60 Hertz. There is also an auto-build launcher that can be very useful.

Target current converters are sometimes better in the extremes than in the midrange. Fortunately, this 10,000w inverter is at the extreme end of the high-capacity brand and this is one of the best models to make this list. They are very versatile in their application and can be used for emergency backup, renewable solar and off-grid situations.


  • long lasting
  • Suitable for all devices
  • Automatic generation start function
  • Built-in battery charger


  • At the top of the price range
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2. Wagan 3748 Black Proline 10,000 Watt Inverter

This is a heavy-duty modified sine wave inverter that can deliver a lot of power by converting 12 volts DC into AC that can be used to run appliances. It has 4 AC outputs and the ability to connect with batteries. It can be used to power a miter saw, table saw and other hand tools at the same time.

You can choose to connect this device to your electrical system via the optional brand transfer switch or to connect the devices directly to the AC outputs of this device.

This model is Wagan’s largest inverter and provides enough power to run multiple devices simultaneously. This inverter is reliable to meet all your big power needs with 1000W of power. The only thing about this unit is the wiring; There are no cables or wiring for this device, instead the brand offers a cable set installation with a range of cables.

As a modified sine wave model, you can consider this inverter as a reliable backup power source in the event of frequent power outages. This unit is clad in anodized aluminum for durability and optimal heat dissipation.

Wagan EL3748 12V 10000 Watt Power Inverter with Remote Control, 20000 Watt Surge Peak, Proline 12 Volt Power converter for Home RV Camping Van Life Off Grid


  • 10,000 watts, 20,000 watts peak power, modified sine wave
  • 50% smaller and 48% lighter than previous models
  • NEW integrated SMT (Surface Mount Technology) printed circuit boards offer higher reliability, better efficiency and less parasitic RF emissions compared to older printed circuit boards (PCBs) and through-hole boards
  • 4 AC outlets, heavy-duty AC terminal block and heavy-duty solid-mount terminals, including external ignition switch
  • Integrated safety features: protections against overload, overheating, low battery, short circuit and reverse polarity


  • light
  • Silent cooling fan
  • 4 sockets
  • Durable construction


  • No USB port
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3. 8.0 ATS 24V 40000w Peak 10,000w LF Split Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter by Power Jack

This inverter is a rugged pure sine wave inverter capable of supplying up to 32 amps AC. All you need to do is plug this device into a 12 volt DC battery and you can use it to power large appliances, heavy power tools, and various other devices. Inductive motor devices such as compressors, refrigerators and air conditioners are difficult to start.

This unit can generate enough power to run a 13 amp miter saw and a ¾ horsepower air compressor at the same time. A coffee maker and microwave can be powered together with this inverter. It is also possible to run a 4.5 cu ft refrigerator, laptop, coffee maker, freezer, and holiday lighting without peaks. This inverter has an efficiency of 90% and has a thermal cooling fan that circulates the heat well.

What makes this device unique is the voice selection feature that allows you to switch between Chinese and English. In addition, it has a Hz selection that allows you to select the frequency of your choice. Other features include the LCD display, 2 3-pin AC outputs, dual heavy-duty DC terminals and LED error indicator. This may not be a custom sine wave inverter, but it still does a great job.


  • Very efficient
  • Easy to install
  • strong constitution
  • Voice and Hz selection


  • bulky
  • Fan noise
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4. AIMS Power PWRINV10KW12V DC To AC Power Inverter

This heavy-duty modified sine wave inverter plugs directly into a 12-volt DC battery to power portable power tools, home electronics, game consoles, computers, and other devices in your RV, campground, or remote workplaces.

It can be used to power a 900 watt coffee maker or a vacuum cleaner of the same watt without the need for a generator. This device also has an LED display that shows the input and output voltage, as well as the battery level.

The maximum power of this inverter is 20,000 watts, which is reliable for whatever device you want to use it with. The feel and appearance of this inverter is of high quality. When it comes to safety, this inverter has it all, from overload shutdown to overvoltage shutdown and from low voltage alarm to low voltage shutdown. It also has short circuit trip indicators and trip indicators. This device is suitable for travel and occasional use. This is a nice price for a modified sine wave inverter of this power.

AIMS 5000 Watt 12 Volt DC Power Inverter


USEFUL – Applications include vehicles, homes, campgrounds, RVs and more. Enjoy the comfort of home on the go and during power outages.
POWERFUL: 10,000 watts of modified sine wave power for use with many appliances, including pumps, refrigerators, power tools and more.
SIMPLE – Plug in with the convenient pre-installed plugs. It also has a direct terminal block on the front
SAFE – LED monitoring lights, overheating, overload and high/low voltage protection make it safe to use
QUIET – Quieter than smokeless generators, inverters are the perfect solution for many homeowners


  • Maximum security features
  • Ultra-quiet fan
  • Good design
  • Compact


  • Does not provide a USB port
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